varjak paw diary unit

This is a 3 week KS2 writing unit based on an extract from ‘Varjak Paw’. Each of the 16 sessions has a clear and detailed lesson plan, presentation slides and differentiated activities (greater depth, on track and support) complete with resources. It’s all here!

For a large chunk of this unit, children explore a wonderful extract from chapter 21: Varjak discovers a toy shop and meets a toy cat. Using this passage for inspiration, children create short bursts of writing whilst learning and applying new skills. These short bursts are eventually combined to create a diary entry.

When you open the zip, you will find a folder for each session - everything is organised in a user-friendly way. As with all of my resources, all files have been created using PowerPoint and Word, so you can edit and adapt as you wish.

I have aimed this unit at Year 4, but it could be used in any KS2 setting - I would happily do this project with Year 6 pupils.

This unit has been very carefully sequenced and builds towards quality writing outcomes. It is packed with talk, reading, vocabulary, grammar and composition skills.

Unit Overview
Session 1 Prewriting activity – I can visualise a story setting
Session 2 Cold task – What do you already know about diary writing?
Session 3 I can notice and define adventurous words and phrases
Session 4 I can reuse adventurous words and phrases
Session 5 Reading activity: I can read like a detective
Session 6 I can use prepositions to show where something is (in relation to something else)
Session 7 I can use preposition phrases to organise a paragraph
Session 8 I can describe how a character is feeling using their body language
Session 9 I can punctuate direct speech correctly (sentence level)
Session 10 I can punctuate direct speech correctly (text level)
Session 11 I can use ‘but’ to change direction in an unexpected way
Session 12 I can write sentences using adventurous vocabulary and prepositions
Session 13 I can pick out the key features of diary writing
Session 14 I can use the key features of diary writing
Session 15 I can plan a diary entry independently
Session 16 Independent diary writing. Children have the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills and knowledge.

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