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A fun worksheet activity involving patterns in the digital roots of a multiplication grid. PLEASE REVIEW / COMMENT. Print off 'Vedic square - blank', cut into three, so that each student has two squares, one to complete as a multiplication grid and one to complete as a Vedic square (by finding the digital root of each number in the multiplication grid). When they have completed these, hand out either version of 'Vedic square - completed' (better on A3) for them to draw the patterns.

  • the Vedic square - blank.doc
  • the Vedic square - completed 3x3.doc
  • the Vedic square - completed 4,4,1.doc
  • the-Vedic-square.notebook
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the Vedic square - blank

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the Vedic square - completed 3x3

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the Vedic square - completed 4,4,1

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CreatedSep 14, 2011
UpdatedAug 8, 2015

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    user avatarMonKAlia year agoReport

    Brilliant. This is a great starter for me introducing the digital roots to my Year 5 children. Thanks

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    A colleague showed me this the other day and we are going to use it with our Year 6 mathematicians - I think they will love it.

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    user avatarflecky12 years agoReport

    The notebook file will help support an activity I already have on this topic. Thanks for the resource.

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    user avatarkpage13 years agoReport


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    thank you. excellent notebook.