Worksheets, activity ideas and a supporting PPT to help children understand how to enter and extract information from Venn and Carroll diagrams.


  • alien Venn diagram.doc
  • blank Venn.doc
  • food red Venn diagram.doc
  • food yellow Venn diagram.doc
  • has a pet Carroll Diagram.doc
  • number Venn and Carroll.doc
  • pizza chips burger.doc
  • shape carroll.doc
  • things that fly Venn diagram.doc
  • Venn pop star tv show.doc
  • Venn Diagrams.ppt
  • passtime chart.doc

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    user avatarsarahemoran7 months agoreport

    Excellent review. Many thanks.

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    user avatarRachel928 months agoreport

    A very clear and useful resource. Makes it very easy to demonstrate how these diagrams work.

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    user avatarJasEth2 years agoreport

    Very nice resource. Very clear with lots of time spent with the animation toolbar!

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    user avatarnelullah2 years agoreport

    wonderful thank you, you have clearly gone out of your way to make this fantastic resource. Thank you once again.