Collaborative (pairs and fours) activity sorting scientific and eyewitness statements about a volcanic eruption. Not devised for the current eruption, but has been lying dormant in our archive. Other geography activities can be found on


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Created: Apr 19, 2010

Updated: Jun 7, 2013

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    I haven't used one of Collaborative's resources for ages - and am thrilled with this. I am also delighted to be reminded to look out for more. I think your work is great!

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    user avatarKate9992 years agoreport

    Lovely activity for active learning, while still covering lots of basic information.

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    Nice Review

  • 3
    user avatarkez34 years agoreport

    Great to get an all round understanding of childrens knowledge on volcanoes.

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    user avataralexfinict6 years agoreport

    Great activities around a volcanic eruption.