Water Interactive Science Notebook

Water Interactive Science Notebook

The Earth’s Water Interactive Notebook Section has a lot
(48 PAGES) to offer! Before using Interactive Science Notebooks, students got lost in writing and not comprehending the science. The INBs allow the students to keep a neat, interactive, functional, and yes; a fun notebook.
- 40 Flip-Fold Vocabulary words & definitions
- Fresh Water vs. Ocean Water Venn Diagram
- Water Molecule Foldable
- Water Cycle Notes F.I.B.
- Evaporation Explained
- Condensation Explained
- Precipitation Explained
- Runoff Explained
- Water Cycle Foldable
- Water Uses Concept Map
- Organism in a Lake Foldable
- Multiple Choice Questions
- Pollution & Eutrophication
- Water Shed Foldable
- Freshwater Concept Map Cut Out
- Waves Foldable
- Plankton – Nekton – Benthos Cut & Paste Ecosystem
- Pollution Pie Chart Foldable
- Melting of Sea Ice
- Salinity of Sea Water
- X36 Study Buddy Cards featuring Water Terms



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