What do Hindus believe about God?

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Looking at Trimurti, etc - describing what Hindus believe about God/Brahman. You need to make sure the pupils understand monotheistic and polytheistic before you begin. There is plenty of scope for comapring these beliefs to Christianity/Islam/Judaism in order to reach higher levels. Lots of pictures to look at discuss. If you have any statues of them they are good to get out and touch. Hope this helps. Please leave a comment

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Year 8 L5 Hindu beliefs about God

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CreatedNov 16, 2011
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    user avatarsensoRE5 years agoReport

    A good basic start to looking at Hindu beliefs. The colourful images are a bonus, but the last two are quite grainy. I note that a picture of Saraswati is among those of Shiva - if this is a test for pupils, perhaps it could be indicated on the notes underneath, otherwise teachers using this resource who are new to Hinduism may not realise.