What was trench warfare?

Lesson using walk about talk about (market stall) activity to examine what life was like in the trenches for soldiers, in addition to labelling parts of a trench (diagram) and general introduction.


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    Benwindsor5 months agoReport

    How would one do this lesson plan with about 30 children?

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    eronzaa year agoReport

    A very well structured and engaging lesson plan. Thank you for sharing.

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    peter1002 years agoReport

    my students found this really interesting and are still talking about it two weeks later

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    gillberrow2 years agoReport

    I used part of this with my primary 4-7 class today and it worked really well. The illustrations about life in the trenches were just great and using some of the information on the sheets helped children have more of an appreciation of the conditions. Thank you