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4. What was trench warfare

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Trench Diagram

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Trench Warfare (Information Sheets)

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CreatedDec 4, 2011
UpdatedNov 24, 2014

15 Reviews

  • 5
    user avatarlizz724 months agoReport

    A great lesson, thank you

  • 5
    user avatarcazzaduck8 months agoReport

    Great resource. The market place activity was really successful, even with quite difficult groups. I was hesitant to use it at first, but actually the students were all really engaged. Thank you!

  • 5
    user avatariainbart8 months agoReport

    fantastic lesson. students really embraced the poster, market stall and peer teach activities. Didn't have time to write the letter at the end.
    I did it twice with classes of about 30. first time I had them in groups instead of pairs, 2nd time in pairs.

  • 3

    How would one do this lesson plan with about 30 children?