White Rose Maths - Autumn Assessments 2017
Thank you to everyone who are using our new schemes of learning. We are really pleased with the response and grateful for all the feedback.

Over the last few months we have been working hard on producing new assessments to align with the new schemes. We have listened to feedback from teachers and schools and tried to respond to what they were telling us.

The main change is that the assessments now cover related objectives from previous year groups material. So, for example our Y6 assessment does not just cover the Y6 objectives – which is what we had previously done. Instead it now covers content from other year groups too. We have done this after speaking to schools and leaders and we also recognise this reflects SATs assessments.

We hope these assessments are useful for you and your students. Writing assessments is always a difficult task but we have tried to write questions that will help you identify strengths that students have and areas that need additional work.

Please take a little time to read this document as it contains guidance on how to get the best out of the assessments.

As always, we would be delighted to receive feedback from you. We always look to improve the work we are doing and we appreciate whatever comments you may have.

The White Rose Maths Team


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  • Year-1---Reasoning---Autumn-2017.pdf
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  • Year-3---Arithmetic---Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-3---Reasoning---Autumn-2017.pdf
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  • Year-5---Reasoning---Autumn-2017.pdf
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  • Year-6---Reasoning---Autumn-2017.pdf
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  • Year-4---Mark-Scheme---Reasoning-and-Problem-Solving--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-5---Mark-Scheme---Arithmetic--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-5---Mark-Scheme---Reasoning-and-Problem-Solving--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-6---Mark-Scheme---Arithmetic--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-4---Arithmetic---Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-4---Reasoning---Autumn-2017.pdf
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  • Year-2---Mark-Scheme---Arithmetic--Autumn-2017.pdf
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  • 2017-Autumn-Year-3-RAG.xlsx
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  • 2017-Autumn-Year-4-RAG.xlsx
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  • 2017-Autumn-Year-5-RAG.xlsx
  • 2017-Autumn-Year-6-Non-RAG.xlsx
  • 2017-Autumn-Year-6-RAG.xlsx
  • Year-3--Mark-Scheme--Reasoning-and-Problem-Solving--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-6---Mark-Scheme---Reasoning-and-Problem-Solving--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-1--Objective-Coverage--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-2--Objective-Coverage--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-3--Objective-Coverage--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-4--Objective-Coverage--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-5--Objective-Coverage--Autumn-2017.pdf
  • Year-6--Objective-Coverage--Autumn-2017.pdf

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