Wild West Careers: Pony Express Riders, the Telegraph and Buffalo Bills’ Wild West Show.
This product contains 8 one-page reading passages covering The Pony Express, the Telegraph and Transcontinental Lines, Former Pony Express Rider- Buffalo Bill Cody, the Wild West Show, Annie Oakley and more. This product is also perfect for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops! The reading passages are great for CLOSE READING with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included). THIS LESSON INCLUDES READING PASSAGES, ACTIVITIES, REVIEW GAME, WORKSHEET AND TEACHER’S KEY.

Imagine living thousands of miles away from your family with no easy way of communicating. Suppose there are no phones, no internet and no regular mail delivery. News of important events might take weeks or months to reach your loved ones. This is what life was like for people living apart from their families in the 1800s. The Pony Express and the Telegraph were two attempts to deal with the communication dilemma. Showman Buffalo Bill Cody started out as a pony express rider and his career is examined in this lesson plan as well.

Reading Passages*
8 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

• The 1800s: Life in the West
• The Pony Express
• The Telegraph is Here!
• The Telegraph Lines
• Buffalo Bill Cody
• Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show
• Annie Oakley
• Little Sure Shot

This product includes the following classroom activities:

 Create a Pony Express Rider Ad
 Complete Job Application
 Be A Translator! – Morse Code Activities
 Take the Pony Express Oath!
 Pony Express Relay Race
 Worksheet
 Create a Stamp!
 Pony Express Review Game – Bingo Words and Clues
 Pony Express Activity Suggestions
 Examine the Pony Express Route
 Coloring Pages

This is one lesson in a series of “Wild, Wild West Careers Lesson Plans.” Each of the Wild, Wild West Careers lesson plans covers the career and information about the time period as it relates to the career. The series covers the United States during the 1800s, including events that contributed to Western Expansion. Each lesson can also be used individually.

*These Reading Passages also appear in my other Wild West History Products
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