Word problems for subtracting multiples of 10. Y2

Can be done as a worksheet, but I personally cut up the sheets, place them in differentiated boxes at the front of the class, and get the children to write their answers in their books. Once a child has done one problem, they can go back to their box and collect a new one.


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  • Brilliant. Thank you. A great help.

  • VAndrew15a year agoReport

    perfect for our seaside topic, thanks

  • the kids loved working with these maths problems. The most simple ones were used as a starting point for the children to create their own pirate equations. Fabulous.

  • dizzymai2 years agoReport

    Love the pirate theme. But in a word problem I think it should be fewer,not less, when talking about amounts. It is less when you say 40 less than 30. If someone could confirm or deny this I would appreciate it.

  • Great... can I ask what the titles mean?

Jan 8, 2011
Aug 25, 2014

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