These plans contain the relevant objectives, prior learning and key vocabulary to support every block and unit for Y1 in the maths primary framework.


  • Y1 Block A Unit 1.doc
  • Y1 Block A Unit 2.doc
  • Y1 Block A Unit 3.doc
  • Y1 Block B Unit 1.doc
  • Y1 Block B Unit 2.doc
  • Y1 Block B Unit 3.doc
  • Y1 Block C Unit 1.doc
  • Y1 Block C Unit 2.doc
  • Y1 Block C Unit 3.doc
  • Y1 Block D Unit 1.doc
  • Y1 Block D Unit 2.doc
  • Y1 Block D Unit 3.doc
  • Y1 Block E Unit 1.doc
  • Y1 Block E Unit 2.doc
  • Y1 Block E Unit 3.doc

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    user avatarjanieb123 years agoreport

    Absolutely fantastic thank you very much. A great help to embed subject knowledge and pedagogy. Many, many thanks

  • 4

    Just what I was after, thanks!

  • 4

    Just what I wanted - thanks!

  • 3
    user avataranon25846 years agoreport

    A useful set of Year 1 lesson objectives covering the framework, includes blank daily plans, so would be useful as a start.