As it was my first year in Year 3 class, it took me ages to plan. So if my plans and resources make anybody's lfe easier, I&'d think that my time wasn&';t wasted!


  • y 3 block A 2 week 1.notebook
  • year 3 block a unt 2 week 1.doc
  • year 3 numeracy block a unit 2 week2.doc
  • year 3 num blockkA2 week2.notebook

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    Thank you very much! I am doing PGCE and it is a great resource - I like very much your idea of vocab. with check list for planning!!

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    Thank you so, so useful to another first time Year 3-er :)

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    user avatarhelenadyer4 years agoreport

    Thank you! very useful and def helpful in cutting down on planning time.

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    Some great resources. Thanks from another newby to Y3!