Year 10/11 S&L: Drama Romeo & Juliet

Have had major success with this activity with a low ability Year 11 group. Concept is centered around 'A Tavern in Verona' and deals with events after the finish of the play. Students create and develop their own character. I have had un-confident and uncooperative students sustain their identified roles for 20 minutes with a video camera in their faces. Give it a whirl...


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  • Glistena year agoReport

    Lovely stuff!!

  • SarahF19a year agoReport

  • busbka4a year agoReport

    Just what I was looking for for my year 10 group. Very well planned and structured activity.Thank you

  • sverbeke3 years agoReport

    Thanks for sharing.

  • y98401254 years agoReport

    Great resource preparing students for a speaking and listening assessment. The details in the Power Point mean students are well prepared. Thanks for sharing this resource.