Year 3 Adventure and Mystery Plans

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This unit of work was planned by the student teacher who worked in my class last year. The end product was very good - all the children wrote their own adventure stories. I hope it helps when people plan their own unit based on this theme. Topics alos included: narrative text; mystery and adventure story.


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Created: Dec 27, 2009

Updated: Aug 31, 2014

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    user avatarRaphella21 days agoreport

    A useful starting point - thank you :)

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    user avatarforestjea month agoreport

    Thanks for this is gives me something to work on.

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    Sat at the computer exhausted, with ideas but not knowing how to piece it together, this has been a huge help. Thank you for sharing.

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    It supplied me with a lot of inspiration for my planning based on this topic!

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    user avatarchudleyja year agoreport

    Thank you! A great basis for me to adapt for my class.