Year 3 Numeracy assessment test papers (not NC 2014) and answers

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These are from the Wigan LEA.

3 Question papers to assess children in Year 3 at the end of each term.

Answer sheets include a levelling guide so you can see roughly what level they have attained: 2B, 2A, 3C etc. So not geared towards the NC 2014.


  • Y3%20Block%201%20Questions.pdf
  • Y3%20Block%201%20Answers%20&%20Levels.pdf
  • Y3%20Block%202%20Questions.pdf
  • Y3%20Block%202%20Answers%20&%20Levels.pdf
  • Y3%20block%203%20Questions.pdf
  • Y3%20Block%203%20Answers%20&%20Levels.pdf

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