Year 5 and Year 6 science plan food chains

Lesson plan, smartboard file and planning board for science lesson relating to environment and food chains for year 5 and 6.


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    LordConana year agoReport

    This could work if the fair test aspect was removed and replaced with an observation sheet. then the children could look for plants that are providers, small insects that are feeding off the plants then any evidence of predators (spiders or birds). Not every science investigation is a 'fair test' with variables that need to be identified.

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    unsure of purpose

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    JM104 years agoReport

    I may have missed something but what are the pupils investigating here? I assume it has something to do with slugs. Pooters?

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    geniegene6 years agoReport

    Thank you for sharing. Tried this with my class last week. Really fun, hands on activity. Children really enjoyed the lesson.