Using a resource which has all the sats questions stored on it and my own logical grouping of test questions I have created many word documents with the Sats questions reduced in size etc to save paper!! When you print directly from the resource I found it used reams of paper and they types of que More…stions could have been grouped further - which I have done. TES will only allow 20 documents per resource so this is set 2 of 3


  • scales - length.doc
  • weight reading scales.doc
  • weight - calculating.doc
  • weight and ratio.doc
  • time with clocks.doc
  • time calc intervals.doc
  • number cards B.doc
  • missing numbers A.doc
  • missing numbers B.doc
  • Number  cards A new.doc
  • Number  cards A.doc
  • working backwards B.doc
  • trail and imp B.doc
  • working backwards A.doc
  • non calc money questions.doc
  • calculator questions money.doc
  • percentages B.doc
  • percentages a.doc
  • Rounding.doc

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