Yr 1 Poetry unit 1: using the senses

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Children explore poems using the five senses and different emotions. Children write descriptive words and phrases, including similes, using their senses about objects and fruit, leading to poems about ‘What Shall I Draw?’ and ‘Smelly People’. Discuss presentation.

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CreatedAug 14, 2010
UpdatedSep 3, 2015

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    user avatarbridge.reed5 months agoReport

    thank you so much. very much appreciated

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    Fantastic resource ! Very well organised easy to follow .Thanks alot.

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    Excellent - sets out clear steps to teach poetry to Year 1 children.

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    user avatarNatalie_x02 years agoReport

    Thank you ! Where can I view an online or pdf version of the poem 'Smelly People' please?

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    user avataracapper2 years agoReport

    How kind of you to share this excellent resource. Thank you.