This weekly Literacy/ History plan was used for rememberance day to develop non- fiction writing skills as well as teaching WWI at the same time. Children became very interested in the topic and were very receptive to the information they were looking at. It led to some interesting conversations and debates about the war.


  • History plan.doc
  • Day 1 assassination franz ferdinand information sheet.doc
  • Day 1 franz ferdinand blank Newspaper.doc
  • Day 2 WWI Booklet1.doc
  • Day 3 life in the trenches Information.doc
  • Day 5 Postcard Template.doc
  • Day 4 Harry Patch.doc
  • Day 5 The end of the war Information.doc

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    A great resource. this will be very useful for my war unit this term. Many thanks

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    Thank you for enabling me to start to get my head around WW1 for Year 6.A great help.

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    user avatarmarion5023 years agoreport

    Lovely thank you! Covering WW1 and will be able to make good use of your resources

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    thanks for sharing. Looks good.

  • 4
    user avatarheloisep3 years agoreport

    Great, very useful for our topic in September.