Resources in demand: April 2018

Haya Barlas
05th March 2018
Resources in demand on Tes in April

Looking for inspiration? This month, to help you upload resources that teachers really need, we’ve identified topics that they’re struggling to find the right resources for.

If you’re an avid fan of ‘Resources in Demand’ you may have noticed (like us) that many of the key topics that teachers are searching for are the same each month, whether that’s fractions for maths or Romeo and Juliet for English.  While we think it’s great for you to know what these big hitters are, so you can upload your relevant resources, we realise it’s not very useful to give you the same insights time after time.

That’s why this month we’re going to try something a bit different. Still arranged by subject, we’ve unearthed a new set of topics to help you decide which resources to create and share. These are a bit more niche, but we think that teachers will love them. Firstly, there aren’t as many resources available for these topics so there’s space ready and waiting to be filled with your high quality materials. Secondly, the resources we do have for these topics are viewed a lot but don’t always get downloaded – which we think means there’s interest in these topics but not the right resources available.

So, why not try uploading something a little different today? And, whether or not you opt for these terms, remember that teachers are always on the hunt for comprehensive bundles, exam-specific content and resources on topical events. Happy creating!


Resources in demand

Biology - meiosis, menstrual cycle, transpiration, specialised cells, selective breeding
Chemistry - reactivity series, polymers, neutralisation, moles, ionic bonding
English - unseen poetry, apostrophes, Skellig, subjunctive, Treasure Island
Geography - deforestation, carbon footprint, Kenya, biomes, Fairtrade
History - Jack The Ripper, Spanish Armada, Peasants Revolt, War Of The Roses, Aztecs
Maths - trigonometry, simultaneous equations, scatter graphs, histograms, iteration
Modern Foreign Languages - paques, la ropa, pascua, la nourriture, les vetements
Physics - static electricity, life cycle of a star, series and parallel circuits, circuit symbols, velocity time graphs
PSHE/Citizenship - puberty, growth mindset, contraception, personal hygiene, terrorism
Religious Studies/Ethics - Buddhism, Sikhism, Holy Week, abortion, Passover

Key global dates and events

International Children's Book Day
Autism Awareness Day
Commonwealth Games (UK and Australia)
School Librarian Day (US)
World Health Day
International Day for Street Children
Titanic Anniversary
Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday
Earth Day
Shakespeare's Birthday
St George's Day (UK)
World Immunisation Week
World Malaria Day
Chernobyl Disaster


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