Top 5 tips for new resources authors

Heather Imrie
05th August 2015
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Are you new to publishing resources on TES?

Our author team have compiled a quick list of things to consider if you’re interested in becoming an author and sharing resources. Questions? Drop the team a note and they’ll be more than happy to help with more advice, suggestions and words of wisdom.


1. Explore

Before you start uploading resources, it’s a good idea to explore the site’s existing resources in your subject or topic area for inspiration. Keep an eye out for popular resources with high star ratings and lots of downloads.


2. What's in a name?

Think about what teachers would search for when looking for your type of resource, using specific key words is invaluable. The name of your resource can make all the difference, especially if there’s lots of content in that topic or subject area. Can you be creative with your resource title? For example, 10 great games for KS2 maths sounds more intriguing than maths games.


3. Make your preview count

The first file you upload in your resource is used for your resource thumbnail, this is what the world will see when searching the site – make sure your preview image does your resource justice! With hundreds of thousands of resources to choose from, an eye-catching preview that represents your resource well will help you to stand out.


4. Be seen in search

Ensure your resource surfaces higher in relevant search results by including a detailed resource description that explains what your resource is, who it is for and why it is useful. Making sure the resource is tagged to the appropriate subject and age ranges categories is essential, too.


5. The price is right

Are you selling your resource? Always check your pricing is competitive by comparing how much similar resources cost in the same topic and age range. If no one is buying your resource, we’d suggest you consider lowering the price.



Ready to go? Start your first upload here!

Need a bit more help? Don’t forget to check back on the blog regularly for new hints, tips and tricks for resources authors.



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