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Victoria Haughton
03rd April 2018
Image representing revision for GCSE French, Spanish and German exams

Help GCSE students tackle their French, Spanish and German exams with ease using these top revision resources

It’s that time of year when the focus shifts from teaching new content to making sure that all learners feel poised to tackle their GCSEs. Ensure your students are ready to say bonjour, hola and guten tag to their summer exams with this selection of lessons, activities and practice papers, all selected from our quality assured GCSE revision hub. Surely there’s no better way to kick-start pupils’ revision?

French resources

GCSE French Speaking Exam Pack

This is a complete Speaking Pack for GCSE French. The main presentation included in the pack has hyperlinks to allow you to easily navigate the menus and switch between candidate, teacher and example cards.

It will guide both teachers and students through all parts of the new speaking exam.

  • Easy to follow marking grids for all aspects of the speaking exam for both foundation and higher tiers
  • Top tips for Role-Plays, Photo Cards and General Conversations
  • Example Student cards
  • Example Teacher cards
  • Example scripts for Role-Plays
  • Printable Student and Teacher Cards
  • Printable marking grids for student feedback
  • Printable worksheet for Top Tips

This is the one-stop resource for seeing your students through this vital element of their French GCSE. I am really proud of this resource and hope you will find it as useful as I have!

(DESIGNED FOR AQA. Could also be used for EdExcel GCSE French, but will need some adapting for the marking sheets)

By Caroline Thomas

New French GCSE Speaking Game (revision)

Colour-coded board game for GCSE Speaking revision. Topics covered: Moi et ma famille, Ma ville, Mes loisirs, Mon collège. Questions can be edited. First student to reach the end wins the game.
By ofi1983

GCSE revision quickies 2016 - Part 1

12 pages of wordbuilders focusing on the description of physical appearance, personality, irregular adjectives, emotional and physical states, the present of ETRE and AVOIR as well as idioms with AVOIR.

By Gianfranco Conti

Spanish resources

GCSE Spanish Tense Revision Board Game

This is just a Spanish version of the French game I uploaded. You can edit it to suit your groups. All they need are counters and dice. Throw the die and move forward and give the Spanish. If they cannot answer they move back three spaces. First to finish wins. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes.
By Maryjane Bennett

AQA GCSE Spanish - General Conversation Questions - preparation

There are 3 booklets, divided by AQA's themes, with spaces for students to prepare answers for the General Conversation part of the Speaking assessment. The assessment criteria is shown and there is space for a draft answer, teacher comment and then a final answer. Students can also plan questions to ask and read a few tips for the Speaking exam.
By gecampello

Three tenses GCSE Spanish writing mat

Three tenses and some vocabulary to extend writing on the flip side. Print in A3 and laminate. Page 2 courtesy of @MFLWyedean.
By Ollie MFL

Spanish writing ladder - GCSE

A very practical list of grammar structures that students need to include when doing a piece of writing.

This resource has been made before in French. I took this idea from:


Feel free to make any comments if you want me to include or amend something.

On Twitter @samcorre
By zanaz

German resources

Speaking Test - Revision Wheel - Identity and Culture

An adaptable resource to enable students to prepare for the question and answer element of the speaking test. Students prepare answers on the wheel. There is a sheet of vocabulary and phrases to help them.
The wheel is best printed out on A3 paper to give students ample space to write their responses. It also works best if the students colour-code their responses to match the colour of the question. Teachers can change the questions easily electronically if they prefer to use different questions. At the end of the Technology document there is a photograph example of a completed wheel to share with students by means of an explanation. Important - the final step is to print off a blank pro forma. Students cut it the circle in the middle so they can see the questions and cut it the ‘triangles’ which cover their answers. They can then reveal questions one by one whilst learning, bit by bit for testing or get partners to test chosen segments.
More themes to follow.
By s.barfoot

new GCSE grade descriptors- german

A student-friendly infographic that can be used as a display or put into books, with the key points from each new GCSE grade.
By frau deutschland

GCSE German General Conversation Booklet with Sample Answers Foundation

Two versions of a GCSE German speaking preparation booklet, one with sample answers and one without for students to prepare themselves. Both booklets are foundation level. The student booklet has lines under each question to guide them as to how much they should prepare. Originally based on AQA, but will still be useful for other exam boards. A similar booklet for higher is also available.
By Vicky79

AQA GCSE German photocard help mat

Adapted from a resource that was shared at a new spec GCSE course that I attended last year. I have printed the mats in colour, double-sided and laminated. They have been invaluable for helping to prompt weaker students when describing a photo.
By arkleigh

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