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19th March 2019
Image representing revision for GCSE French, Spanish and German exams

Help GCSE students tackle their French, Spanish and German exams with ease using these top revision resources

It’s that time of year when the focus shifts from teaching new content to making sure that all learners feel poised to tackle their GCSEs. Ensure your students are ready to say bonjour, hola and guten tag to their summer exams with this selection of lessons, activities and practice papers, all selected from our quality assured GCSE revision collection. Surely there’s no better way to kick-start pupils’ revision?

French resources

Looking for more GCSE revision resources? Check out our French collection.

GCSE French tenses revision board game

NEW EDITION ADDED. You need to print this in colour in order for it to work. Throw a die, land on a square and conjugate the verb in the correct tense. Get it wrong and go back three spaces. Very easy for you to edit to suit your groups.
By Maryjane Bennett

AQA GCSE French Revision Mindmaps

Revision mindmaps on the AQA topics of
-relationship and friends
-technology and new media
- free time
- custom and festivals
- home town, neighbourhood and region

- social issues
- global issues - environment
- global issues - poverty and homelessness
- Travel and tourism
- Current and future Study and Employment
By sirwilliamromneylanguages

New French GCSE Speaking Game (revision)

Colour-coded board game for GCSE Speaking revision. Topics covered: Moi et ma famille, Ma ville, Mes loisirs, Mon collège. Questions can be edited. First student to reach the end wins the game.
By Oph?lie Dumont

AQA French GCSE Revision Bundle

Buy all 4 of my AQA French GCSE revision workbooks for the price of 3!

Included in the bundle:

2x speaking workbooks - role-plays and photo cards
1x writing workbook and model answers
1x reading workbook

By katelanguages

German resources

Looking for more GCSE revision resources? Check out our German collection.

Trivial Pursuit - GCSE German Revision

Revision Quiz based on a template for Trivial Pursuit found on TES. Split class into groups - each segment is triggered so if you click on it, it turns the colour indicated on the key in the top left of the slide. Aim of the game is to get a full wheel - to do so pupils need to answer one question correctly on each topic. Click on the coloured squares next to the topics to get a choice of 10 questions. Click on the number to get a question. Click on the “Answer” button to get the correct button. Click on the “home” button to return to the 1st slide.
By arkleigh

GCSE AQA New Spec German Writing Mat - 90 Word

Writing Mat designed to assist students in the writing of the 90 words, 16 mark task, in the new AQA GCSE (1-9). It has lots of useful phrases, verb help, a pupil speak markscheme. Very useful to stick in the front of pupils' books/print out back to back and laminate for use in class. I have found they have gone down very well with the pupils when scaffolding the writing task.
By grisedaw

new GCSE grade descriptors- german

A student-friendly infographic that can be used as a display or put into books, with the key points from each new GCSE grade.
By frau deutschland

Stimmt GCSE Murder Mystery – Menschliche Beziehungen (Chapter 3)

Murder Mystery to run alongside Stimmt AQA GCSE Higher/Foundation Chapter 3 “Menschliche Beziehungen”, (some of the tasks would have to be adapted for Stimmt Edexcel.)
Turn a whole chapter into a crime story! This project is intended to complement/ replace exercises from the text book and will link the pages together into one thrilling crime story. My students ask every lessons if they will find out ‘whodunit’, especially as there is a prize for the best detective!
The project should not take up much more time than using the book on its own as some tasks can replace text book tasks and get students to revise the text book vocabulary in a different context.
The topics included:
describing appearance and character
speaking about friendship
family relationships and reasons why you (don’t) get on with each other
weddings and opinions about marriage
separable verbs
future tense
imperfect modal verbs
• puzzle, reading, writing, listening, speaking, translation and role play tasks
• film trailer for the project, powerpoint (more than 60 slides) and work booklet (12 pages)
• teacher guidance (hidden in the ppt, can be seen in edit mode)
• activity overview
• answers to all tasks

By jusch12

Spanish resources

Looking for more GCSE revision resources? Check out our Spanish collection.

GCSE Spanish - revision quickies across topics

Vocabulary revision worksheets on various topics ideal for homework or cover lessons
By Gianfranco Conti

AQA GCSE Spanish - General Conversation Questions - preparation

There are 3 booklets, divided by AQA's themes, with spaces for students to prepare answers for the General Conversation part of the Speaking assessment. The assessment criteria is shown and there is space for a draft answer, teacher comment and then a final answer. Students can also plan questions to ask and read a few tips for the Speaking exam.
By gecampello

GCSE Spanish AQA - Theme 1- Summary of each topic in booklet form.

GCSE Spanish AQA - Theme 1- Summary of each topic in booklet form based on Theme 1 of Kerboodle textbook. Covers vocab/ grammar/ misconceptions/ and suggested Qu & A. 'Credit Card' refers to pupils' opportunity to pick out words they want to 'own' for themselves.
By Backa

Spanish GCSE 2018 revision guide

  • 69 pages
  • Core vocabulary sheets for all main topics.
  • Photo description vocabulary + examples.
  • Bilingual list of key structures for all topics.
  • Sentence builders.
  • Grammar practice.
  • Reading strategies.
  • A+ /9 phrases
  • List of speaking questions for all topics.
  • Exemplar essays and answers to oral questions.
By Madheridon

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