Improving RE students' written answers

Resources to help RE students improve the quality of their written work

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Frameworks, writing plans and keywords placemats to develop learners' writing

Writing about faith, belief and conceptual ideas can be particularly challenging, especially when students need to use specific terminology to answer complex questions. To ensure that your learners are able to effectively put their ideas and explanations onto paper, we have gathered a range of resources to help your class improve the quality of their responses and to make sure that they are structured logically.

Developing quality of written work

Regularly reinforce spellings and definitions of key vocabulary with this colourful desk mat, which is helpful for any written task and is designed to be referred to every lesson. 

Give less able learners greater access to the topic of the sanctity of life by providing keywords, sentence starters and model answers via this differentiated placemat

For older learners, this writing skills desk aid is ideal for helping your class to extend their written answers with a selection of sentence starters and connectives.

Structuring exam questions

Make the task of answering exam questions less intimidating with this easy-to-use template, which can be used by individuals or in groups to think about what a question is looking for.

Alternatively, encourage learners to focus in on the details of each question and practise answering about Christian beliefs on life after death with this writing frame.

Finally, teach students to adopt FARM and PEE paragraph approaches with these simple exam structures that will improve their use of examples and justifications.

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