Last-minute GCSE practice for MFL

Flora Michti
17th May 2019
Speaking and writing resources for MFL

Last-minute ideas to make sure your students are ready for their exams

Looking for phrase mats, role-playing activities and practice booklets for some last-minute revision? We've got you covered. Choose from the most popular speaking and writing resources in French, German and Spanish, or check out our GCSE collection for a wide range of revision resources. 


New French GCSE Speaking Game (revision)

Colour-coded board game for GCSE Speaking revision. Topics covered: Moi et ma famille, Ma ville, Mes loisirs, Mon collège. Questions can be edited. First student to reach the end wins the game.
By ofi1983

AQA French GCSE Speaking Workbook - role-plays

An 80-page workbook of role-plays for the new specification French GCSE.
There is a foundation and a higher role-play for each topic in the new GCSE, with a student’s card, teacher’s card and possible answers set out as a script for each role-play.
See for a free sample.

By katelanguages

MFL KS3 KS4 AVOCADO Mnemonic Checklist for Improving Quality of Writing

AVOCADO mnemonic for improving quality of writing in MFL. Talk through / draw on students for an e.g. for each as you go. Mini reading slide 2. Slides 3-5 for more experienced language learners to elicit language features.

David Michael Shanks @HFLanguages @mfl_itt . Idea seen in use by @alesscesar
By HFLanguages

GCSE AQA New Spec French Writing Mat - 90 Word

Writing Mat designed to assist students in the writing of the 90 words, 16 mark task, in the new AQA GCSE (1-9). It has lots of useful phrases, verb help, a pupil speak markscheme. Very useful to stick in the front of pupils' books/print out back to back and laminate for use in class. I have found they have gone down very well with the pupils when scaffolding the writing task.
By grisedaw


Advanced Higher German Speaking Questions

This is a booklet used to prepare for Advanced Higher German speaking exams (also suitable for A-Level). It includes 6 pages of questions covering the following topics:

- media
- family life
- generation gap
- men and women
- Europe
- the environment
- the internet
- immigration
- religion
- discrimination
By mikealexander

German Speaking Test Phrases

2 files, one without answers, the second one with.
By Cestrian

Improve GCSE writing - German

Display showing students how to improve their writing - includes examples, areas for improvement and is all colour coded to help students to understand what is required. (LY)
By HarrisSchool

Revision tips for GCSE German Writing Exam

A PowerPoint to help pupils prepare for the German 9-1 Edexcel writing exam. The PowerPoint focusses on the second task of the paper and helps pupils structure a formal letter and a newspaper article.

By sb4809


Spanish GCSE Oral General Conversation Questions and Answers

A model of all General Conversation topics with answers in Spanish and English.

By RosamundOdaly

Spanish Speaking exam Booklet

This is a booklet I created for my Yr 10 and Yr11 students. This has been a great tool for them to prepare and revise for their speaking exam. When they have to fill it in, I insist they need to do PPROF (Present, Past, Future, Opinions and Reasons) in every single question - if at all possible.
By aviator

GCSE Spanish - Writing Skills

Sheet containing different ways to express opinions, time phrases, linking words and verb tenses.
By ajsanzcaro

Spanish GCSE writing & translation revision booklet: complex and idiomatic phrases lists & examples

A comprehensive list of phrases and structures for pupils to revise and to aim to include in their speaking/writing.
This is a final definitive list my own pupils have been using in the run up to the exams, trying to include examples in their speaking and writing. The list includes everything from modal verbs and opinion phrases to subjunctives clauses and conditional sentences. The phrases are split into 22 groups, each with some translation practice too, so as pupils can see how easy it is to manipulate these themselves.

Suggested answers included and the document can be downloaded in .doc and .pdf.

French also available here:

By SecondaryMFLresources

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