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Check out a brand new, quality assured secondary maths collection, covering every topic taught between Year 7 and Year 11, packed full of resources hand-picked by members of the Tes Maths Panel

Craig Barton

Quality Assured Secondary Maths Collection Packed Full Of Innovative Resources, Hand-picked By Members Of The Tes Maths Panel

Find out more about Tes' brand new secondary maths collection, packed full of quality assured resources

Having been teaching maths for 13 years now, I am more convinced than ever that planning is the key to successful lessons. But planning can take on several forms. In the past I have been guilty of stumbling upon a magical resource and trying to shoehorn it into my lessons no matter what, as well as planning lessons in isolation from each other, usually the night before, which often led to disjointed learning. Now, I firmly believe in planning sequences of lessons as well as paying much more attention to the choice of examples, explanations and follow-up questions I provide my students.

That is why I am so proud of this new secondary maths collection - it is designed to make the planning of lessons both easier, and more effective.

What can I find on Tes?  

Arranged by mathematical topics and covering every concept to be taught between Year 7 and Year 11, myself and members of my Tes Maths Panel have handpicked the very best resources from over 200 subtopics in maths. Within each subtopic, we offer two types of resources; the first being lesson presentations and activities, and the second being practice questions, homeworks and assessments.

You’ll find structurally logical presentations, complete with explanations and visual demonstrations, that will help pupils develop that all-important conceptual understanding, as well as rich tasks and investigations with a bit of a twist, designed to get your students thinking. Plus, you can help learners develop procedural fluency with these carefully chosen questions to practice in class, as part of homework or as low-stake quizzes. In addition - and perhaps most importantly of all - this section can be returned to midway through another topic in order to tap into the substantial benefits of spaced learning.

How did we choose these resources?

When making our selection of resources, we've tried to build an element of progression. So, the first few may provide an introduction to the basics of a concept, moving into the core elements, before presenting more challenging work in our final selections. This is designed to help teachers view planning in terms of a sequence of lessons, as opposed to the one-off isolated cases that plagued my earlier years as a teacher.

None of this would be possible without you - the talented and generous authors of the Tes Maths website. You write and share the resources and activities that help improve teaching and learning in classrooms across the world. Thank you.

Happy planning!

Craig Barton

Tes Maths Adviser

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