Planning preparation for science teachers

Kick-start your planning for next year with this hand-picked selection of schemes of work, unit plans and topics for biology, chemistry and physics

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Get started on next year’s planning with this collection of biology, chemistry and physics resources

With many classes now preparing for exams, take advantage of the extra time to get ahead with your planning for next year. But don’t worry, you are not alone! We’ve hand-picked some of the very best schemes of work, unit plans and comprehensive lesson ideas to help you out.

Biology resources

AQA Biology Required Practical Booklet

AQA Biology Required Practical Booklet

Booklet containing all the AQA required practicals, with space for pupils to write a risk assessment, expected results and explanations, as well as how to improve the practicals. This is not a lab-book where they can record results in a table, this is intended to link as revision after practicals h...

Chemistry resources

Physics resources