Space Day

Inspiring lesson ideas, assemblies, presentations and scripts to celebrate Space Day for primary and secondary learners

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International Space Day

Inspiring lesson ideas, presentations and assemblies to observe Space Day

Celebrated on 7 May 2021, Space Day is an exciting opportunity to get your students learning about and interested in the universe. Browse through our hand-picked resources and STEAM collection and, who knows, you might inspire some pupils to consider working in a space-related field in the future.

Primary resources

Topic planning 'Destination Outer Space'

Topic planning 'Destination Outer Space'

6 weeks of cross curricular planning on theme of Outer Space, including topic web, continuous provision web, literacy planning linked to topic and numeracy planning linked to topic.
Outer Space Assembly - whole class, KS2

Outer Space Assembly - whole class, KS2

OUTER SPACE WHOLE CLASS ASSEMBLY Included in this pack: A short play (including a Word version of the script to change the number of speaking parts etc) Two original poems (PPT slides + written versions) PPT slides of all the planets 1) 'I m the Most Important Planet' - a play about the planet...
Space assembly

Space assembly

Use the word document as our main text. The powerpoint is simply a visual element. The children also produced art work and posters to illustrate each point made.
Space topic - powerpoint resources

Space topic - powerpoint resources

10 powerpoints, looking at the Earth, Moon, Planets and Sun; the Space Race, Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong and the moon landing, and the life of an astronaut: PLANET EARTH - Answers to the following questions: How old is Earth? / How big is Earth? / What is Earth made of? / How much water is on ...