Supporting primary pupils with tests

Sian Evans
01st May 2018
Teacher helping child ahead of KS1 tests and KS2 Sats, in English and maths

Prepare learners' for their upcoming tests with these proactive activities and helpful tools

At all ages, the prospect of sitting in silence completing a test under pressure can be incredibly daunting. That's why it's important to give young students everything they need to feel as ready as possible. To make your life easier, we've highlighted just some of the content on our primary national test hub of the very best teacher-created ideas for the run-up to the big day, plus simple literacy and maths support.

Preparing for tests

Test Taking Strategies (SATs exam stress)

Help reduce your students’ stress and anxiety before SATs, exams or other tests with these Test Taking Strategies posters.

8 Posters included:
Good Night Sleep
Healthy Breakfast
Budget Your Time
Read Directions
Highlight Keywords

**Use Scrap Paper **(I have also included a similar poster that says “scratch paper” instead of “scrap paper”)
Check Your Answers
Show What You Know

The posters can be printed and laminated for durability. They would work best as a class display. The posters could also be helpful to SEN students who sometimes struggle the most.

The posters are in .pdf format and not editable. However, if you need anything changing, please drop me an email (my email address is on the last page of this resource).

Thank you for your interest!
Hoppy Times

By hoppytimes

Relax Kids Happiness Pack

Download our free Happiness Pack supporting the International Day of Happiness on March 20th. Pack includes:
Book of Happiness
Compliment Cards
Design your own T-Shirt
Family Recipe
Happiness Bookmarks
Happiness Colouring Sheet
Happiness Diary
Happiness Meter
Happiness Tokens
Happiness Tree Month
Happiness Wallchart for March 2017
Happiness Paper Chains
By relax01

Mindfulness Colouring Book for Children - Calm, Refocus and Motivate your Class

*Digital Education Version of the Global Bestselling Original: Mindfulness Colouring Book for Children*

40 pages of mindful colouring activities for your class. Works well with SEN children or simply as a calming behaviour management activity or incentive to motivate your class.

Focusing on geometric shapes, optical illusions and other mathematical patterns, this book is suitable for girls and boys and very powerful when combined with our relaxation music, which is also available from the TES. Both resources can also be bought in a pack together.

NEW! Mindfulness Colouring Book for Children 2 now also available from the TES.

All images sourced via creative commons 1.0.
By TheFutureTeacherFoundation

Literacy support

KS2 SATs GPS / SPAG Revision Placemat (Free Version)

A grammar, punctuation and spelling placemat that covers all GPS terminology outlined in the new curriculum and the 2016 GPS test framework. Everything you will ever need in one place, making it the perfect SATs revision tool.

• Clear and concise glossary of terms with examples

• Technically accurate yet child-friendly

• Visually appealing, easy-to-follow layout

• Conveniently divided into the 6 sections of grammar and punctuation

• Perfect reference sheet for children, teachers and parents

All definitions are in line with the national curriculum’s definitions of grammar. The placemat includes:

• The national curriculum’s definition of how pronouns and determiners overlap

• The national curriculum’s definition of an exclamation

• The difference between prepositions and subordinating conjunctions depending on the word's function

• Concise, technically accurate definitions of tricky concepts such as adverbs; the overlapping nature of adverbials with other areas of grammar; and all verb forms and tenses from the subjunctive form to the present perfect


• Word classes

• Functions of sentences

• Sentence construction


• Verb forms and tense

• Punctuation

• Vocabulary

I've left the file as a word document as it kept going all strange when I tried to convert it to PDF!

Please leave feedback :)
By joshberkshire

SPaG Spotter

A mind-blowingly good SATs SPaG preparation document. Lots of word classes to find in different sentence types. Built to reflect SATs style questioning.

By VocabularyNinja


RWI Phonics key chain. Each flashcard is approx 2 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide.
I bought circle carabiner key chains to fasten them all together. Laminate and cut each set, hole punch and then attach to the carabiner!
Sent home with the children to practice their phonics at home.
By Sophie5394

Essential Grammar (KS1/KS2)

This 23 page resource includes-

-Indefinite Articles (adding a or an)
These worksheets are differentiated
-Superlatives and Comparatives (three different pages of tasks)
-Noun Classification (countable and uncountable nouns)
-Question Word Writing Activities (Who? What? Where? When? Why?)
-Pronouns (Subject and Object Pronoun Activity Worksheets)
-Subject and Verb Agreement (using am, are and is)
-Compound Words

All areas of learning have 2/3 worksheets each plus one poster than can be used for teaching purposes and/or display.

Upper KS1 / KS2

By PollyPuddleduck

Maths support

Mega Maths Mat

A handy reference resource that your children can use during their Maths activities. It includes:

* A 100 square,
* A 12x12 multiplication square,
* Place value chart,
* Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division vocabulary,
* Names of regular 2D shapes (including different types of triangles and quadrilaterals),
* Fractions information,
* Angles information.

Alternative versions of this resource are available to download FREE on our site at
By Teaching Ideas

Maths Revision KS2 Song

Product Description
Find out some of time-tested tips and tricks to improve your results on your next math test or PARCC assessment. You’ll quickly realize there is no reason to have text anxiety when you are mentally prepared for what is to come!

This song and music video is unbelievably catchy and will reinforce the strategies that you want your students to think about while taking their next test. Strategies include elimination, reasonableness of the answer, checking with inverse operations, estimating, labeling answers and more! Your students won't forget the chorus to this one any time soon!


Maintain your highest level of concentration!
Follow through each problem with determination!

Keep in mind a problem’s never done
Until it’s checked with the inverse operation!

Carefully read the question that’s written;
Deeply consider the choices you’re given.

Underline the important information;
Drawing pictures can clarify the situation.

If it’s multiple choice, use estimation
To narrow down the choices through elimination.

When you think you’ve found the solution,
Check your work with the inverse operation.

If you subtracted, check it with addition.
If you multiplied, check it with division.

See if you get back - back to where you started;
If not, try again; and don’t be brokenhearted!

When answering a question, always label the unit;
is it a length, an area, or is it cubic?

And label what each number means:
It could represent cupcakes or football teams.

Or, if it’s money, label it with a dollar sign:
To the left draw an S and a vertical line.

UK Age Range:
| Year 3 - Year 4 - Year 5 - Year 6 |
KS2 Maths
By NUMBEROCK, by Mr. Hehn

Y5/6 basic skills maths mats and answers x 30

I have made these maths mats to use with my Year 6 class during focus task/basic skills time. I wanted a way to keep them thinking about key concepts so I plan on using these once or twice a week to keep refreshing their memory. The mats cover areas such as the 4 operations, written methods, problem solving, fractions, decimals, percentages, time, area, perimeter, volume, shape, converting measures, algebra, angles and roman numerals, making them ideal for SATs revision or homework. The maths mats come with a full set of answers for easy marking.
By Nickybo

Numeracy Support Chart KS2, KS3, KS4

A very useful resource for numeracy support. Reminders for pupils on place value, 100 square, multiplication grid, add, subtract, multiply, divide, mental strategies, metric conversions, finding percentages, negative numbers, finding fractions, adding and subtracting fractions. It can be photocopied and laminated so that pupils can write on it with a temp marker. Clear polypockets also work well.

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