Term 4 primary planning ideas

Get ready for the start of Term 4 with these hand-picked planning ideas and organisational tools for primary teachers in Australia and New Zealand

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Top organisational and planning resources to help you to get ready for new term

With the start of Term 4 on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to start getting organised. To make life a little bit easier, we’ve hand-picked a selection of resources to support you as you freshen up both your classroom and your planning in time for your students’ return.

General resources

Seating Plans- advice and template

Seating Plans- advice and template

Every teacher should have a seating plan, especially with a new class. Here's a short guide to explain why you need one, and how to make one. There's also a simple (and I'm not kidding) template for you to make a seating plan and print it off. Warning: you must know how to open up a Word document....
Visual Timetable Cards
Nichole H

Visual Timetable Cards

A visual timetable is a must have resource in any classroom! This easy to edit PowerPoint file contains over 100 ready to print timetable cards to help you create your own visual timetable in your Early Years setting. Perfect for establishing routine, settling anxiety, building speech and ...
Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron)

Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron)

Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron) - Here is a bright and bold (chevron) behavior clip chart decorated with kids clip art. This clip chart is a fantastic way to modify and encourage positive behavior in any classroom. Assemble in the following order: \- Ultimate superstars! \- Excellent ...

Literacy resources

Creative Writing Challenges

Creative Writing Challenges

A PowerPoint designed to challenge pupils and get them thinking creatively! Based on another ppt from TES that I have used and my classes love. There are four categories - 10 Minute Stories; Whose is it?; Location, location, location; Word Limit. Pupils choose a category and then a number from 1-...

Numeracy resources​

Math Mystery - Case of The Super Bad Superhero (GRADE 4)

Math Mystery - Case of The Super Bad Superhero (GRADE 4)

This math mystery, Case of the Super Bad Superhero, is a great way to add some excitement and fun to your math lessons! Students will be working through a variety of math questions to discover important clues. The clues will help them solve which superhero has gone bad! In this Grade 4 ve...