Term 4 primary planning ideas

Nicola Davison
30th September 2016
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Top organisational and planning resources to help you to get ready for new term

With the start of Term 4 on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to start getting organised. To make life a little bit easier, we’ve hand-picked a selection of resources to support you as you freshen up both your classroom and your planning in time for your students’ return.

General resources

Seating Plans- advice and template

Every teacher should have a seating plan, especially with a new class. Here's a short guide to explain why you need one, and how to make one. There's also a simple (and I'm not kidding) template for you to make a seating plan and print it off. Warning: you must know how to open up a Word document....
By Tom_Bennett

Visual Timetable Cards

A visual timetable is a must have resource in any classroom!

This easy to edit PowerPoint file contains over 100 ready to print timetable cards to help you create your own visual timetable in your Early Years setting.

Perfect for establishing routine, settling anxiety, building speech and language.
Recommended by occupational therapists, special needs specialists, speech therapists and behaviour management coaches, a visual timetable is a must for any classroom.

The PowerPoint is easy to edit - just print the existing cards or edit them to create your own using our font or your choice of font. File also includes blank cards to allow you to add your own labels using your own image and font.
By clevermonkey

Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron)

Behavior Clip Chart (Chevron) -

Here is a bright and bold (chevron) behavior clip chart decorated with kids clip art. This clip chart is a fantastic way to modify and encourage positive behavior in any classroom.

Assemble in the following order:

- Ultimate superstars!
- Excellent examples!
- Yay! Way to go!
- Ready to learn!
- Think about it!
- Teacher’s choice
- Parent contact

All students start on “Ready to learn!” and move up or down the chart depending on their behavior.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions (duplessislindy@gmail.com).

Copyright © L du Plessis.
By lindylovestoteach

Early Morning 5 minute activities ppt. 2

Episode 2 - A collection of ideas from Primary staff room EMA 5 min activities thread. Done for y4 but might be adaptable for other years. Mix of maths and lit. Topcis also including: word work.

By mamatotombili

Literacy resources

Creative Writing Challenges

A PowerPoint designed to challenge pupils and get them thinking creatively! Based on another ppt from TES that I have used and my classes love. There are four categories - 10 Minute Stories; Whose is it?; Location, location, location; Word Limit. Pupils choose a category and then a number from 1-9 as their inspiration. There are given time limits or word limits and instructions on each slide. Each slide has clickable content so good to use on IWB or just as a normal ppt.
By felpetai

Text Discussion Cards-Guided Reading

A set of cards linked to reading strategies. These are generic and most can be used for both fiction and non fiction texts. Sorted into the categories of before, during and after reading, these cards can be used for guided reading, group or class discussions or given to individuals as a prompt to help them create written responses.
By SharonRitchie

Guided reading programming for texts

This set of pre-reading, during reading and after reading teaching strategies assists teachers to plan and program their guided reading sessions with ease. Based on NSW curriculum (Australian, but very similar to standards for UK)) and includes a planning sheet where you can drop in the skills you wish to focus on. For each stage ESt 1 to St 3.
By syapgp17

Endless Editable Spelling Games

Editable spelling games, perfect for literacy activities, or phonics/spelling groups.

Type your word list once and let the auto filling magic do its work!

These editable files use a clever formatting trick, where you type your words into PDF form fields and they duplicate throughout the file, creating a spelling game. This is a huge time-saver and allows you to cater for the different spelling abilities in your class!

Download the preview PDF file to see how it works!

This resource is a zipped folder containing:
• 15 game themes in four game formats. See the preview file for an idea of the themes and formats. Teach the four game formats to your class and it will become routine. Your class will be able to play the games with their spelling word lists all year round!
• Games for word lists with 2 spelling patterns/rules
• Games for word lists with 3 spelling patterns/rules
• Games for word lists with 4 spelling patterns/rules
• Games for independent play and playing in pairs.

The spelling games are designed to be printer ink friendly. They use simple, clear designs that work well printed in low colour or in black and white on coloured paper. No heavy, full page graphics here!

The spelling games are designed to be easy prep. There are no fiddly bits to cut out - all word cards are aligned so that they can be sliced with a paper guillotine.

Important: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this file. It can be downloaded for free here.

The formatting is designed for words 7 letters and less. The files have been tested on multiple devices and by multiple users. If you have trouble with the file, please email me directly at littleleapsoflearning1@gmail.com and I can offer assistance.
By LittleLeapsofLearning

Numeracy resources​

Marvellous Maths Mat

Key stage 2 Maths mat... I have used parts of other mats I have found and added extra detail that I think is useful. I wanted to make something a little more detailed for my Numeracy support box... I have year 5! There are two pages so that they can be laminated back to back. Hope some of you find this useful! x
By Michy84

The Compete NAPLAN Y3 Money Bundle

All lessons and worksheets, with plenty of practice questions with the overview plan for integrating work with money into a mathematics programme.

From recognising coins to solving word problems using a variety of language structures.

Great resource for differentiated teaching.
By wilkieway

Just Add Dice - Maths Games

This is a collection of 15 Math Games that require dice and very little other resources. Some activities require a worksheet (which is included) and others require a notepad or whiteboard. These are games you can use as a math lesson, or as a warm up. Some games can be played over and over again!

Page 3 – Around the World (K-2)
Page 4 – Roll a Number Line (K-1)
Page 6 – Race to 100 (1-3)
Page 7 – Nasty Game (2-3)
Page 9 – Sweet 16 (1-3)
Page 10 – Three or More (1-3)
Page 11 – Greedy Pig (2-3)
Page 12 – Skip Counting (2-3)
Page 17 – Number Paths (K-3)
Page 19 – Double Trouble (K-1)
Page 20 – Beat It! (K-3)
Page 21 – Climb to 100 (K-1)
Page 23 – Connect 4 (1-2)
Page 26 – Fair Racetrack (3)
Page 28 – Add it Up! (K-2)

© Alison Hislop 2016
Permission for Single Classroom Use Only
By AlisonHislop

Math Mystery - Case of The Super Bad Superhero (GRADE 4)

This math mystery, “Case of the Super Bad Superhero,” is a great way to add some excitement and fun to your math lessons! Students will be working through a variety of math questions to discover important clues. The clues will help them solve which superhero has gone bad!

In this Grade 4 version, the 5 clues cover the following skills:
- Clue 1: Rounding
- Clue 2: Addition (3-digit and 4-digit numbers)
- Clue 3: Subtraction (4 - digit and 5-digit numbers)
- Clue 4: Multiplication Facts (1-12)
- Clue 5: Division Facts (1-12)

Pack also provides teacher instructions, the story, answer sheets, an elimination guide and printable awards.

You can choose a grade level that suits your class best, and/or mix and match across the same clue numbers (except for the Grade 1 Version) to differentiate and customize the math mystery for your students. The Grade 1 version is simplified as a whole and cannot be mixed with the rest. (For example, swap clue 1 from the Grade 2 version to clue 1 from the Grade 3 version to make that part more challenging for some students.)
By JJResources

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