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Craig Barton
07th January 2019
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Enhance your spring term planning with these top resources, recommended by Tes Maths

Happy new year!

I have been the Tes Maths Adviser for 9 years now, and one of my favourite parts of my job is getting to look through the thousands of amazing resources created and shared by the kind and incredibly talented users of the Tes resources website - you can see the full archive on the Tes Maths Blog here

Choosing these resources is tricky, as there is just too much good stuff on the Tes website. Each of the resources below has helped me become a better teacher in 2018; so, I want to thank all the people who create and share resources on Tes - you truly are improving the teaching and learning of mathematics all over the world.

Craig Barton, 

Tes Maths Adviser

GCSE & A Level 

Ratio using Bar Modelling - Secondary

I created this lesson for a low attaining Year 11 group. They had never used the bar model before for solving ratio problems. Taking our time to focus on drawing a diagram to represent each problem was worth it as by the end of the lesson they had gone from not really understanding what a ratio was to answering the 3 mark exam question with ease!

If you use this lesson i’d be really interested in your feedback. Hope it goes well :-)

By RustyMaths

Algebraic Area Reasoning Tasks

Several tasks all based on a WJEC GCSE question about forming and solving a quadratic equation for the area of two rectangles. These tasks are designed to improve students’ mathematical reasoning and were created as part of the Mathematical Reasoning at GCSE project run by Cambridge Maths Hub.

The tasks vary in difficulty, and include forming expressions for various areas and perimeters, expressing proportional relationships, numerical and algebraic ratio tables and identifying reasonable assumptions. They are not intended to be used all together; just pick and choose one or two suitable ones for your class.

Thanks to JustMaths for the collection of exam questions by topic where I found the original question.

A similar set of tasks on a different application of quadratic expressions can be found here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/probability-reasoning-tasks-11839057 and there is a more numerical approach to compound area in these tasks: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/compound-area-reasoning-tasks-11838514

All feedback very welcome. I’d be really interested to hear which tasks you chose and how you used them!

By catrionashearer

Exploding Surds

Surds practice from basic simplifying to expanding brackets to rationalising denominators. This encourages workings and the students to work backwards (what's the question given this answer?) so should also encourage discussion in class.
By alutwyche

GCSE 1-9 Higher GCSE Fortnightly skills assessment

Based on the new curriculum I have mapped backwards from Grade 8 topics down to grade 1 and designed these fortnightly skills tests to be done with my classes. These form the basis of all my homework's (linked to mathswatch) and starter activities/revision sessions. I have attached the spreadsheets that produce instant feedback for the pupils to stick into their books/to revise from.
By bucko88

A-level Core Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS

This set of 9 powerpoints have been designed to match the Edexcel Core Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS textbook (for Further Maths), and have largely been adapted from my previous A-level resources. Every chapter is covered, and within are explanations that could be used to teach lessons or be shared with students via a digital classroom. There are also some Autograph files included - the hyperlinks in the presentations should work if these are placed in the same folder as the powerpoints themselves!

If you liked this resource, then please check out my other resources on TES!


By Owen134866

GCSE Maths Algebra, Number 10 minutes assessments/ starters/Plenary

10 minutes quick assessments are put together to be used as a starter or plenary. It gives quick feedback to teacher as well as students. Resources are designed keeping FE students in mind.
Any further suggestions are welcome as I will be putting together similar assessments for Geometry and Data for GCSE Maths.
By manisha2011

KS3 & KS4


Area of triangles - Do, Twist, Deepen It

First shared at speed dating at La Salle Education’s Maths Conference 14 at Kettering, here is a resource that I jointly planned with James (@HowWeTeachIt)

Tried and tested with Year 8’s, this is a resource that uses the fluency (Do It), reasoning (Twist It) and problem solving (Deepen It) approach.

Worked examples and answers on the Powerpoint attached.


Matt (@mr_man_maths)

By manmhk

Mean average from frequency tables visualiser

Interactive spreadsheet showing students how data affects the mean; how data can be put into a frequency table; and lastly how changes to the frequency tables affects the mean. Suggested questions included.
By Edward Gore

Multiple Choice Starter Questions

A multiple choice question linked to every objective (I think?!) on the GCSE syllabus. Use them to assess what pupils need teaching, what misconceptions need addressing or what students already know.

** a few slides have been corrected 2/10/17 **
By pbrucemaths

What Was The Question? - Sets and Venn Diagrams Special

Four sets of four problems where students have the answer but there are blanks in the questions which require filling in. This is designed to create discussion in class and hopefully provided natural differentiation. I will be using these as starters or plenaries as I believe they will develop deeper understanding of topics, but feel free to use them as you like (you will whatever I say).

By alutwyche

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