TES Maths: Pythagoras and trigonometry picks

Unique teaching ideas for introducing and revising Pythagoras' theorem and trigonometry

Craig Barton

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Pythagoras' theorem and trigonometry are two of those classic topics that pupils revisit year-on-year. This is partly because these topics come in many forms and interesting contexts, from basic Pythagoras and SOHCAHTOA, to graphs of trigonometric functions and calculus. 

With the increased emphasis on ratio in the new GCSE specification, trigonometry is likely to start appearing in non-calculator papers as well. As such, it is more important than ever for students to get to grips with this crucial and fascinating area of mathematics.

Below is a selection of 15 top Pythagoras and trigonometry resources, all uploaded by the talented members of the TES Maths community. Why not use them to give you some new ideas for teaching these topics across all year groups?

Craig Barton

TES Maths adviser

Maths Pythagoras  - Hypotenuse game
Daniel Burke

Maths Pythagoras - Hypotenuse game

A game I made as a revision tool for covering the topic of Pythagoras' Theorem with my year 9s and 10s. Pupils reveal squares with questions hidden behind them which they must work out. Great for a starter/plenary activity.
Trigonometry Intro Investigation
M Allan

Trigonometry Intro Investigation

These two worksheets should be printed out. It has been scaled so that when pupils measure with a ruler each 'box' is 1cm x 1cm. Pupils take the required measurements and are asked if they have observed any similarities between O/A. The tan ratio is then introduced! Lots of calculator use is enco...
Batman Trigonometry
Andy Lutwyche

Batman Trigonometry

Calculate the missing measurements to help the Police Commissioner in Gotham City and Batman catch the criminals. Includes missing sides and angles.
Pirate Trigonometry (NOW WITH SOLUTIONS)

Pirate Trigonometry (NOW WITH SOLUTIONS)

An end-of-unit quiz on trigonometry (with some pythagoras and other geometry thrown in) for GCSE classes. I originally made this as a presentation on Google Docs. A link to the original and the .pdf version are both shared below. EDIT --------- Now added are worked solutions to all problems...
Finding Exact Trig Values - Discovery Learning

Finding Exact Trig Values - Discovery Learning

This worksheet encourages students to become familiar with 'special triangles' to calculate exact trig values without a calculator. By focusing on multiples of 30, 45 and 60, it also helps students spot symmetry in graphs. I created this resources to introduce double angle formula/additonal for...