Winter Olympics 2018  Lesson/Assembly Presentation

Winter Olympics 2018 Lesson/Assembly Presentation

If you want some extra information about the 2018 Winter Olympics then go through this interesting interactive PowerPoint presentation, It takes you through the different event categories; why the emblem was the way it was; and why there was a white cat with stripes. This presentation is not only informative, it has links to 24 short videos that show top athletes performing in each of the sports. If they watched the Winter Games, your students will probably tell which videos to show.Some of these videos are amazing . We watched our greatest medal hope, Elise Christie, succumb to the perils of Short-Track Speed Skating, but have you seen when it worked in favour of Steven Bradbury when he 'won' his unbelievable Gold Medal win in the 2002 Olympics – it really was a matter of Last Man Standing! The topics covered within the presentation include: Location and dates, Venues and the stadiums The emblems and mascots The events and their pictograms. Note that the presentation contains interactive buttons which allow you to jump to different parts of the presentation and then return. My recommendation is that you go through the presentation slide by slide until you get to the information on the venues. From here, I recommend that you select the particular sports that take your interest. If you have a live Internet connection, then watch some of the videos – especially the ones that I’ve labelled with 5-stars. If you like this presentation then please leave a review.
Winter Olympics 2018  Sports (Word Search)

Winter Olympics 2018 Sports (Word Search)

A Word Search of moderate difficulty (with solutions) where students look for the Winter Olympic sports. To find out more about each sport click 👉 to download an interactive presentation with video links.