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Practical Science Careers project

Practical Science Careers project

A series of 8 practical activities, put into the context of careers in Science. This is aimed at KS3 students, introducing some practical skills. Aims of the project: To learn about some careers in Science, and to try some out. To develop investigation skills as required in the KS4 core practical’s included at GCSE. Students get to experience being an Aerospace engineer by designing and testing paper planes, a Biochemist by testing urine samples, a Biomedical scientist by testing different anti bacterial soaps, a Chemical engineer by investigating recipes for bouncy balls, a Civil engineer by designing and testing bridges, a Forensic scientist by taking and analysing finger prints, a Mechanical engineer by making cotton reel motors, and a Pyrotechnic technician, by testing firework colours and making sparklers. Each includes a job profile page to be filled out using the national careers service website to provide context for the lesson. Also included is a handy technician guide. This is designed to be handed out as a student booklet, with each career taking around 2 single hour lessons to complete, aimed at KS3 students. Students develop their investigation skills, as well as learning about some different careers in Science.