Inspiring and equipping young people to build a more sustainable world

We’ve only got one planet – and it’s beautiful! It’s also necessary for our very survival. Through education for sustainable development, we can motivate and empower young people to come up with creative solutions to the environmental and sustainability challenges we face, and make positive change happen. We hope the content in our hub will offer you food for thought, good ideas from other skilled practitioners, and maybe some content to use with your learners. Together we can help people and nature thrive.

Green Ambassador Team Power Taster Resource- Pupil

The WWF Green Ambassadors are great team players. They all love being green and they all
bring different skills and interests to the team. Which member do you think you are most like? You could talk about this with other members of your Green Ambassador Team. Here’s an activity that will get your group thinking about what a dream Green Ambassador Team needs. It’s a good one to do in one of your first meetings.


Green Ambassador Team Power Taster Resource- Teacher

Your pupils are growing up in a world that faces some of its biggest challenges ever. Our over-consumption of natural resources and unsustainable lifestyles are threating the very future of the planet that we share with millions of species. The huge variety of life on Earth, biodiversity, provides us with all we need from the air we breathe to the materials we use to build our homes. But if we upset the delicate balance of our planet then we risk losing all that we have.


Green Ambassadors Buildings and Grounds

This resource is aimed at pupils aged 4-11 and introduces the Green Ambassador characters Brick and Leafy. The activity pack contains an assembly outline and curriculum linked actitivies to help pupils explore the issues relating to the focal character.


Polar Bear

Welcome to Green Ambassors Explore- our dedicated species poster series for young peopls. Each issue of Explore focused on one key species and is packed full of fascinating facts, fun activities for you and your friends, and information on how we can all help to safeguard their futures. This edition looks at penguins, their frozen homes, and how you can help safeguard their future.


Ends Of The Earth

This pack is aimed at teachers of 4-11 year old and is designed to help them introduce pupils to the polar regions and understand the threats that they face.


Tiger Tales Taster Resource

The aim of this resource is to encourage 7 to 11 year olds
to find out more about this iconic animal, and the threats
it faces, and develop their own ideas and opinions on
environmental issues through creative and persuasive
writing. Simple activities are provided to help pupils
develop their understanding of the natural world and to
reflect on how their own actions can help shape the future.


Plant2Plate Taster Resource

This activity draws together what pupils have learnt in previous lessons. As they develop
and play a board game they will consider the different choices we make and the impact
that these have on our shared planet.


Become A Green Ambassador School

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