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We've partnered with WWF – the world’s leading independent conservation organisation – to create a new free CPD course for primary teachers and leaders who want to put education for sustainable development (ESD) at the heart of their school and inspire a new generation of sustainability champions.

ESD is about developing an understanding of the world we live in and being able to explore the issues that affect us, both locally and globally. It’s about fostering children's natural curiosity and encouraging them to make connections and recognise relationships, trends and patterns in our increasingly complex world. 

Using text and videos and providing links to additional teaching resources and materials, this free, online professional development course will help you to further your understanding of ESD and look at how you can make ESD a cornerstone of your teaching and school ethos.

Who should enrol on this course?

This short, free professional development course is intended for primary school teachers and leaders who want to develop a whole school approach to ESD and explore ways of actively engaging their pupils in the process.

Learning outcomes

  • Further develop your understanding of ESD and explore why – with today's challenges such as climate change and loss of biodiversity – it’s increasingly important that sustainability becomes an integral part of teaching and learning.
  • Discover a wide range of strategies, activities and ideas that you can use to develop ESD in your school, and to build your confidence in teaching ESD.
  • Explore how to teach ESD through the curriculum.
  • Examine examples of successful ESD practice from around the UK.
  • Gain understanding of what is possible when it comes to ESD, and get clear, simple and straightforward guidance on how to make this a reality.
  • Get a detailed insight into the WWF’s resource collection.

Our planet is precious and vital for our survival, but the scale and pace of environmental degradation driven by human activity represents a major challenge and needs urgent action.

Sustainability needs lifelong learners who are resilient, open, resourceful and creative to deal with the challenges we can’t yet see or create the solutions we can’t yet visualise. ESD is therefore vital to engage with young people as a new generation of environmental citizens and sustainability champions. This course is designed to give you the tools you need to think about and plan how you can make ESD a central feature of your school, your classroom and the lives of your pupils. 

How is the course delivered?

Using case studies of existing practice in schools, interviews with practitioners and WWF staff as well as a wide range of activities and resources, the course will help you to explore how you can make ESD a reality in your school.

As a self-directed course, you’re encouraged to complete it in a linear manner. Each unit contains a range of videos, text and additional resources.


  • Introduction to ESD and the course
  • A whole school approach to ESD
  • Reflecting on current practice
  • An approach to teaching and learning
  • ESD through the curriculum: rainforests
  • ESD through the curriculum: food and waste
  • The school and its grounds
  • Monitoring and evaluation

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Are you a school leader?

This CPD course also looks at what a whole school approach to ESD means and how you can ensure that sustainability is embedded in your school’s ethos. Find out more.