Author on Tes: Enjoy teaching a new text

A-level teacher Sofie Khachik, aka Miss_s_k, shares her tips for creating high-quality resources.

Sofie Khachik

Sofie Khachik

A-level teacher Sofie Khachik, aka Miss_s_k, shares her tips for creating high-quality resources.


Tell us what you enjoy the most about teaching.

The best thing about teaching is seeing my students thinking about literature and, in turn, themselves and the world they live in, with a more critical and rigorous eye; reading is not passively looking but actively participating.


What made you decide to become an author on Tes?

All of the resources I create are underpinned by this belief and I first started sharing them on Tes in order to receive feedback as a keen NQT, but also to give something back after downloading other teachers’ resources in the late-night panic that characterised my PGCE year!


Tell us about the resources that you’re most proud of.

I’m super proud of the popularity of my KS4 reading skills resource, particularly as I created it during my PGCE year; but, I’m most proud of some of the paid A-level schemes of work I’ve uploaded, particularly for Hamlet and The Duchess of Malfi. I thought carefully about what I would want/need as an A-level teacher embarking on teaching a text I loved for the first time: a detailed scheme of work, carefully labelled PowerPoints, secondary critical material and accompanying worksheets, plus detailed teacher support notes. In the time-pressured world of teaching, properly preparing a new A- level text can seem daunting, so I hope that these resources will provide teachers with a solid framework that will allow them to enjoy teaching a new text, rather than panicking about the hours of work it could entail.


What are your top tips for newcomer authors?

For anyone interested in sharing their resources on Tes, I’d suggest some initial research into what’s already out there; what’s unique about what you’re offering and is it really worth paying for? I also think content is more important than style; I don’t think PowerPoints and worksheets need to be hyperactive carnivals of animation and clipart – time is better spent thinking about sequences of learning and creating a scheme of work accordingly. Finally, I would really like to see a greater variety of texts taught across schools, so if you’ve got something on a text that doesn’t get taught often and you’ve had success with, share it and inspire others to get out of the teaching rut we all get stuck in from time to time.


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