Making the most of the user trends

So that you can tailor your resources to current and upcoming trends, it’s important to keep an eye on the data that we provide weekly 

Tes Author Team

Two teacher authors stood in front of an upwards trending graph alongside a list of trending search terms

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What are the user trends? 

Each week we update the user trends category of our author academy with a list of terms that have been searched for by Tes users. We have a separate blog for each month of the year. It’s important to keep an eye on these updates so that you can tailor your resources to ongoing popular topics. Each user trends blog includes:  

  • A breakdown of the top 3 terms for many popular subjects  

  • The overall top 20 searched for terms 

  • The overall top 20 searched for terms for the upcoming week from last year  

  • A weekly breakdown of that month for the year prior

  • A calendar of events for the month to help inspire themed resource making


As well as the weekly updates that we provide, we also put together specific trends campaigns ahead of certain times of the year when we think providing search terms further in advance will help our authors with resource sharing. So far, we have run these campaigns for: The back to school, festive, and exam/revision periods. Take a look at a previous example of a trends campaign page here.  


How should I use the user trends? 

As resource authors on Tes, it’s important to be ahead of the game with your uploads. Teachers like to plan their lessons in advance, and therefore will search for resources in advance. For example, if teachers are seeking an Easter-themed resource, they may search for this a couple of weeks before Easter arrives to be prepared ahead of time. As authors, you’ll want your themed resources uploaded prior to Tes users searching for them, so it’d be a good idea to bookmark the user trends section of the author academy to regularly remind yourself to visit.  

Whilst looking at what Tes users have been searching for in the past week to see what’s currently popular, it’s also beneficial to look at the upcoming weeks from the previous year to see what will potentially be popular in the coming weeks – and plan your resource authoring according to this. All 12 of the monthly blogs are live in the author academy, so if you’d like to prepare well in advance you can take a look at any month of the year.  

Themed resources are often popular in the classroom. The calendar which is provided at the top of each blog also provides a list of some events which receive attention on Tes, so keep an eye on these to tailor your resources to upcoming events.  


Additional information 

If you would like a weekly reminder to view the search trends, and to stay up to date with other published content, please join us in our author community Facebook group. Both this and the trends pages are fantastic tools for highlighting resources in demand and giving you inspiration, we hope you find them both useful and insightful when planning your future uploads! 


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