Time to thrive as a Tes author!

Now that you’re onboarded onto the basics of being a Tes resource author, here are some final pointers.

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Have you ….  

  1. Opted into ‘Tes updates’ in your preference centre? If not, you may want to do this so that you receive our monthly author handbook, which includes up-to-date guidance on how to utilise Tes tools to get the most out of being an author.  
  2. Taken a look at the user trends section? By keeping an eye on this page/these weekly updates, you can get a grasp on what Tes users are searching for and tailor your resources to ongoing popular topics.  

  3. Completed our short 10 question copyright quiz? By doing this you’ll gain insight into which areas you need to grasp a better understanding of 

  4. Read the Tes author code?  Tes resources is a website for the teaching profession. As resource authors and users of Tes, we trust that you will act accordingly.  

  5. Watched the using Tes tools webinar? If you’re seeking some author advice then this webinar with one of our Gold tier authors is a great starting place! You can find this a little further down this page. This is an optional step for the onboarding journey, but it includes fantastic guidance for both new and experienced authors.  

  6. Set up your Tes shop? Your Tes shop will allow you to showcase your resources using your own artwork and personality, while also presenting yourself in a business-like manner.  

  7. Understood how to utilise all the features on your author dashboard?  

  8. Joined our author Facebook community group? Here you can network with fellow Tes authors to share and receive tips and guidance.   

  9. Familiarised yourself with the selling resources and being a Tes author FAQs

  10. Made a note of our Customer Service email address, in case you have any further questions? Authors@tes.com  


Authors train authors webinar: Using Tes tools with Nichola Lacey.


Find a breakdown of the topics covered in the webinar below:  

1:00 - Introduction   

2:15 - Pricing resources (+ extra comments on pricing at 9:00)  

4:48 - Free resources   

6:35 - Creating effective titles for resources   

9:50 - Targeting specific markets  

10:44 - Creating effective resource descriptions   

13:10 - Cover and preview images:   
What's the difference?   
Best practice 
How to add 
Video previews   

21:38 - Bundles   
What are they?   
How to create   

25:05 - Discounts & sales.   

26:44 - Q&A   

Topics covered in Q&A:   

27:26 - Reviews   

28:22 - Adding terms and conditions to your resources/licenses   

29:52 - Sourcing images for your resources   

30:45 - Downloads vs purchases   

31:30 - Should you start off by sharing just free resources?   

33:10 - Expanding to a US store   

34:45 - Seasonal resources   

35:53 - Copyright  

39:08 - Selling a niche subject   

40:52 - Benefit of video previews  



Now that you’re onboarded as a Tes author, take a look at the rest of the Author Academy for more advanced information: 


Go to the author academy


Happy resource sharing!