Tidying up your Tes shop

Just like your cupboard under the stairs, it’s important to declutter your Tes shop and keep it organised.

Tes Author Team

Tidying up your shop

To ensure users aren’t distracted by low performing content, it’s a good idea to be aware of those resources that aren’t performing well so that you can do something about them! 

What is my Tes shop?

Your Tes shop front is essentially your author profile, where your resources will all be displayed to users.

Similar to any physical shop or online store you may have some products that are more popular than others. When users enter your Tes shop, you want them to be able to easily surface your top quality content. Tidying up your shop will not only refine your resource space, improving the users experience, but it will also help you as an author to understand which of your resources perform well and allow you to translate this to the rest of your resources.

Analysing your resources

When you enter your author dashboard, you may find many useful features to help review your content - for example the resource management page. Whichever is your preferred method for analysing specific resource performance, here are some key questions to ask yourself to start thinking about how to tidy up your shop:

Which of my resources:

  • Are performing well?

You may want to measure your resource performance based on the amount of downloads or purchases they have, or perhaps if you’ve received a lot of positive reviews on specific resources. Whichever your preferred method of identifying high performing resources, be sure to make a note of these to help pinpoint any common themes.

Now that you’ve identified which of your resources are popular and successfully supporting teachers, start thinking about potential reasons for why these resources are popular. Have you made them SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly so that they’re discovered more easily? Have you marketed them well? Does your preview/cover image capture the high quality of the resource? There are many unique reasons why your resources are popular, and it’s important to work out why!

  • Aren’t being viewed?

Take a look at any resources that have a small amount of views and make sure you’re titling and describing them correctly to ensure they’re being found. Have you kept your title concise and included the most relevant keywords at the beginning? Have you included enough information in your description? Read our blog on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to find more guidance on this.  

As well as SEO, it’s also a smart idea to market your resources correctly to promote your content to a wider audience. Take a look at our marketing and social media section of the author academy to find more guidance on this. 

  • Are getting a lot of views, but no downloads?

Your resources are being found, but users aren’t downloading/purchasing them. It’s imperative to ask yourself why this might be so that you can make some improvements and apply them to future uploads. Here are some useful blogs providing advice on improving your resource display page:

Top tips for creating quality resources 

Creating good cover and preview images

Pricing your resources

  • Haven’t been downloaded in over a year?

If this is the case and you have applied the guidance above, it might be time to decide whether to remove this resource from your shop to let your sought-after content become more prominent. 

However, if you have topical content that hasn’t been downloaded in over a year, bear in mind that some resources will only be popular at certain intervals, for example Olympics themed resources may only be downloaded every four years!

Some further questions you may want to consider:

Are there any themes between my high performing resources?

Are there any themes between my low performing resources?

What feedback can I take into consideration from my existing resources’ reviews and apply to my future resources?


Now that you have analysed your resource performance and have drawn some conclusions from this, remember to stay on top of it! Be sure to frequently analyse your resources and keep your Tes shop tidy.