The time is now for changing the way we think and behave around sustainability. The world’s resources and how our carbon footprint impacts this is a vital topic to teach our next generation. Tes and EDF Energy have teamed up to create an engaging knowledge hub, full of resources and expert insight on how to bring energy, science and sustainability to life for your pupils. Take a look through the Pod for some further content. 


History of food packaging timeline

A fascinating timeline showing how packaging has evolved - Packaging was invented to make food and drink last longer, but it’s become a BIG cause of waste.
Could new packaging innovations and a clampdown on waste herald a brighter future?

By EDF_Energy

Bees and polination info pack

Learn more about ecology and biodiversity with this in-depth look at the topic of bumblebees and pollination. This is an ideal research resource for older students to discover the symbiotic relationship between flowers and bees.

By EDF_Energy

Whats under your feet lesson plan

Discover the impact climate change is having on bird populations across the UK with this citizen science campaign. Produced in collaboration with the BTO this series of three activities will support your What’s under your feet? citizen science experiment.

By EDF_Energy

Waste fact finding mission

In this fun fact finding mission, your waste detectives are challenged to find 10 waste facts hidden around school using the clues on this worksheet. Includes tips to make the challenge harder or easier for the pupils.
Click here to view the sources for the fact cards in this activity.

By EDF_Energy

Upcycling a spade poster

This poster shows four exciting ways to upcycle a spade, combining creative thinking with Design and Technology practical skills. You can challenge your students to come up with their own ideas, who knows what you might produce?

By EDF_Energy

Fossil Fuels Poster

Discover how electricity is generated from fossil fuels with this poster. Perfect to decorate your classroom walls with, while offering interesting energy facts.

By EDF_Energy

Save energy at home fact sheet

Did you know that laptops use 85% less energy than desktop computers? Or that you could save £90 a year by showering a minute less every time? Find out more facts and tips on how to save energy at home with the factsheet and get saving!

By EDF_Energy

Power Puzzles homework sheet

Reinforce what children have learnt in the Power Puzzles game by sharing this homework sheet with them. This double-sided A4 homework sheet features numeracy puzzles on the first page, and literacy on the back, so you can choose which area of learning to focus on – or hand out both.

By EDF_Energy

Nick Baker talks us through the importance of soil invertebrates.

Chris discusses how wildlife inspired him from a young age...

lolo Williams tells us about his love for wildlife

Chris Packham and Dr James Pearce-Higgins talk about citizen science and the importance of school participation in What's Under Your Feet?

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