Longwill School for the Deaf

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Type: Special Needs
Funding status: State - Community
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 2 - 11 years

About Longwill School for the Deaf

Longwill Primary School for Deaf children…

…is a 56 place, Birmingham Community Special School for Profoundly Deaf children aged from 2-11 years old who come from across the West Midlands Region.

Birmingham Local Authority offers a continuum of provision including:

1. Mainstream inclusion support in many mainstream schools from the Teachers in Sensory Support Services
2. Resource Bases in two primary and secondary schools
3. Longwill, a Primary Special School (including Nursery) and Braidwood Secondary Special school.

The Learning Environment

  • Longwill is a Sign-Bilingual, Bi-cultural learning environment, which strives to support and develop the communication needs and abilities of its members so that the pupils are equipped to function effectively within both the Hearing and the Deaf world.
  • We aim to educate the pupils to be independent free thinkers, ready for 21st century life, capable of embracing the technology of tomorrow, who are adaptable, self reliant, resourceful and tolerant of change and who can contribute to the wider community.  We have introduced the 4Rs throughout school to teach Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reciprocity and Reflectiveness.
  • The 7 Deaf staff work either as part of the Family Team or as Teachers of BSL to parents and pupils.  Each pupil is encouraged to reach Level 1 BSL by the end of Year 6.
  • We use the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL materials) to ensure the emotional intelligence of the pupils is developed.  We have two Deaf and one hearing Learning Mentors from our staff.
  • We teach English through a variety of means, using BSL, Signed English, Sign Graphics and Visual Phonics.  There is use of drama and role play to enhance the understanding of concepts and provide a base for literacy.
  • We employ a technical digital team to ensure that Longwill continues to lead the way in using digital media to enhance our deaf education.
  • We employ an audiologist as part of our ‘listening team’ to enhance the work of the Speech and Language therapists and assistants and Educational audiologist.
  • The wider subjects of the National Curriculum are taught and based on Creative Cross Curricula topics, the ‘Learning Journeys’.


  • Longwill is a hub of the University of Leeds TOD course and we train teachers to become TODs from the South/West region.
  • We are part of a Birmingham Schools Teaching Alliance and take the lead in projects and research programmes to spread best practice and training.
  • We teach BSL courses in school and encourage a wider community of schools to know BSL.
  • We have taken part in Action Research and University Research in developing and improving ways to teach Deaf pupils.
  • Longwill teaches Thinking and Learning skills especially through the use of Building Learning Power.
  • ‘Visual Phonics by Hand’- was developed at Longwill in an attempt to make sense of phonics for Deaf pupils who are visual learners.

Please visit through our website www.longwill.bham.sch.uk
Headteacher- Mrs Babs Day
Longwill School, Bell Hill, Northfield, Birmingham B31 1LD
Email – babs.day@longwill.bham.sch.uk 
Tel/minicom – 0121 475 3923  Fax- 0121 476 6362



Address: Bell Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands, B31 1LD, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 121 475 3923