Potters Bar Clinic School

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Type: Special Needs
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 11 - 19 years

About Potters Bar Clinic School


Potters Bar Clinic School is an Independent Special School regulated by Ofsted, that caters for up to 18 young people aged 13-18 years old. The school is based within a CAMHS Low Secure Psychiatric Hospital, supporting young people who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs.

Potters Bar Clinic School is an integral part of the care and treatment programme, which encompasses a breadth of professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists and family therapists as part of the multi-disciplinary team. All young people admitted to the hospital are enrolled in this onsite provision. Young people attending our service will continue to study subjects chosen at their home school or college where possible.

Our aims and objectives

Our overarching objective is to ensure that all students at the school receive a curriculum that whilst maintaining its breadth, is personalised to meet every individual’s needs within the context of assisting in the care and treatment programme facilitated in conjunction with the hospital.

Our aim is to deliver a bespoke, high quality learning experience akin to that which students are familiar within their current or previous educational setting. No student will be allowed to feel left behind with their studies or unable to access their chosen subjects because of being in hospital.


We work closely with the team at the hospital to provide a holistic programme which meets the needs of every student. We use the hospital admission process to address any gaps in a young person’s knowledge and help students by addressing any educational challenges that they may face. Fostering resilience, independence and confidence in a young person’s attitude towards their studies is key to our success and all are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between their studies and well-being.


Our school environment is located on the hospital site and is a welcoming, bright space that fosters learning. The classroom environment is designed to meet the specific learning needs of our students.

Many of our students enjoy contributing to their learning area with inspiring quotations and creative pieces of artwork. The school is a calm and purposeful environment, supported by our high standards and expectations in areas such as behaviour and attendance.

Our Values

Our values are: Kindness, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence. Our values were created in partnership with those we support, their families, and our people. Our values are our standards which we will uphold each and every day.

We are committed to providing an environment in which all students can feel safe, happy, accepted and confident, so that they are able to develop to their full potential and successfully return to education in the community.

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Address: 190 Barnet Road, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 2SE, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1707 858 585