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Trends in the Periodic Table - Summary Video Worksheet

Trends in the Periodic Table - Summary Video Worksheet

IDEAL REMOTE TEACHING ACTIVITY This file contains two different worksheets (and an answer sheet, with answer timings in the video) for pupils to complete as they watch a 20-minute BBC Bitesize summary video of trends in the periodic table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCNkZ-S5-Q4&t=6s This fits in nicely with the C2 unit of AQA GCSE Chemistry. HA worksheet includes 16 short answer questions, plus an activity where they must write x5 of their own questions and answers based upon the video. LA worksheet includes 22 short answer questions. A copy of each worksheet it also included to use if you’re using this as a remote learning lesson during lockdown, with space indicated to students where they should write their answer.