Milton Keynes Academy

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Location: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: Secondary
Funding status: State - Academy
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 11 - 19 years

About Milton Keynes Academy


The Milton Keynes Academy is distinctive and identified by the adoption of four key principles.

Enterprise based

Milton Keynes Academy is able to demonstrate to the whole school and local community the benefits of providing high quality practical learning for all students. It develops a national reputation for delivering high quality innovative business and enterprise learning, providing students with broad skills they need for future success at work and in life.

The Academy:

• Brings local employers into the heart of the school.

• Makes the best out of all the available resources whether they are found in: students, staff, parents, the local community, local employers or other educational organisations.

• Innovates and competes to be the lead school in enterprise education, aiming for national recognition.

• Empowers all staff and students to take an active role and responsibility for their learning and be actively involved in the school.

• Builds close links and strategic partnerships with local and national employers to bring the world of enterprise to life within the school and to take the students out to the world of work.

Community based

Milton Keynes Academy is at the heart of the local community, building pride and encouraging the development of talent in the area. The engagement of local business at the heart of the school combined with the school acting as a focus for the community will create energy in the campus. Students are able to see the value and relevance of their studies to the outside world and vice versa.

The Academy:

• Actively involves the local community.

• Is a lead learning resource for the local community, ensuring such learning benefits the local community. The school has a unique opportunity to engage with the parents of pupils, many of whom do not have English as a first language and offer family learning. 

• Links with all education providers in the area to deliver the best educational solutions for the community. In particular there are strong links with the local community’s primary schools, ensuring a smooth transition for Year 7 students, ensuring a wide range of outstanding vocational learning options.

• Has an open admissions policy in line with Milton Keynes Local Authority’s policy for all students regardless of ability, educational needs or background.

• Ensures effective feedback mechanisms, including through a strong school council, so that the experiences and views of students, parents and other local residents and employers inform the school’s development and teaching and learning practice.

High Achieving

Milton Keynes Academy sets high expectations for every student and member of staff, tailoring learning to particular needs, abilities and aspirations. It is innovative in its curriculum and uses its close links with employers and the local community to motivate pupils.

The Academy:

• Makes the education, development and welfare of young people its absolute priority.

• Treats each student and member of staff as an individual, ensuring each has a clear learning path for success which is actively reviewed.

• Aims for and celebrates high achievement in all aspects of school activity whether they are academic, practical and vocational, artistic, sporting or social.

• Strives for excellence in both academic studies and vocational programmes which lead to further or higher education and successful life careers.

• Ensures each student has effective guidance and support to succeed in their learning, future employment and lifelong aspirations.

Learning for All Culture

The Academy:

• has respect for all learners.

• All the adults and young people involved in the Academy are encouraged to work in a spirit of co-operation and partnership, respecting each other’s values and skills.

• Is open, responsive and welcoming.

• Invests in training for all staff.

• The Academy uses its entire staff of qualified teachers, teaching assistants and other staff as a substantial teaching and learning resource. 

• Operates an extended school day with a target of twenty eight hours study per week.

• Celebrates success of all kinds.

• Learns from other educational providers both in UK and overseas.

• The Academy benefits from links to its sponsor Edge in terms of PR both local and national and its School Improvement Partner, Thomas Telford School.

• It also benefits from links to other Edge education programmes in the areas of career guidance, teacher training, enterprise education and work experience.

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Address: Fulwoods Drive, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK6 5LA, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1908 341 700
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