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The Most Amazing Puzzle Maker

The Most Amazing Puzzle Maker

Stop making puzzles and games from scratch! The Most Amazing Puzzle Maker creates them all for you, AUTOMATICALLY. All you need to do is type up the questions and answers, choose a puzzle and hit print! What can it make right now? Large 16 triangle tarsia puzzles Small 9 triangle tarsia puzzles Tarsia gem puzzles Square-up puzzles Vertical dominoes puzzles Horizontal dominoes puzzles Question relays Bingo! cards Pairing card sorts Split word card sorts How does it work? You simply type in your questions and answers into the template and the linked cells in the puzzles automatically match the information entered. See how your questions appear in the various different formats and choose a puzzle that best suits your needs. Superbly customisable for differentiation! You can add distractions to many of the puzzles - these are incorrect answers or answerless questions to up the challenge and really test the students' knowledge or problem solving skills. There are very clear instructions on how to create and print each of the different puzzles. The file is an Excel file so is compatible with the vast majority of school or home systems. It works with all versions of Office since 1997! Who is it for? Absolutely anyone, these tasks can be used in any subject area and across any phase. They are great for consolidation, revision, working with key terms, knowledge acquiring, competitive group work...the list goes on! Any new puzzles I create for the Most Amazing Puzzle Maker will be included as a free update. See changelog below. Changelog: v1.1 (12/11/17) - New Added Split Word card sort - great for primary and languages at secondary Added Dominoes2 horizontal card sort - better for simpler questions Added Bingo generator - creates unique bingo cards for each student! - Fixed Tweaked various cell formatting Tweaked language in some instructions to improve clarity Add new instructions to the front page