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Como es tu casa o tu piso - What is your house/flat like?

Como es tu casa o tu piso - What is your house/flat like?

Two lessons on describing students' houses or flats. Aimed at Y8/9 Spanish students depending on ability and previous knowledge. Covers vocabulary on houses/flats, adjectives to describe houses, how to give information on the location of your house e.g. in the countryside and a recap of adjective agreement. Includes: - vocab match-up activity - translations testing knowledge of adjective agreement - writing activity on where you live - speaking activity - reading comprehension activity - GCSE style photo card activity - translation into English on Miley Cyrus - reading/matching activity on characters' ideal homes - correct the mistakes activity Listening activities refer to Viva 1 Spanish textbook.

By KatherineBibby

Mira 1 Module 4 Vocabulary Matching Exercises

Mira 1 Module 4 Vocabulary Matching Exercises

These simple yet versatile matching exercises are made from the vocabulary used in module 4 of Mira 1. They can be used as starters, extensions, plenaries, homework and revision. They are also great for measuring progress when used as a starter and a plenary in the same lesson. They can also be colour-coded / traffic lighted to provide instant feedback as well as a focus for assessment revision. I always let pupils choose whether they want to write the answers in in English or the Target Language. Matching with lines never works! I have had great feedback from pupils when using them and hope you will too. Please let me know if you find typos / mistakes.

By deutschelehrerin

KS3 Spanish Cover Lesson Design Your own Castle

KS3 Spanish Cover Lesson Design Your own Castle

This works best as a cover lesson. It is easy for non-specialists to follow but supports and challenges KS3 students of Spanish well. Could also be adapted for use in lessons by specialists. Students learn / revise key vocabulary related to town / house / and have opportunity to practice using connectives, opinions and more complex phrases. Lesson involves: Differentiated objectives and starter activity. Activity 1: Team / individual work to look up words in Spanish - all of which are displayed on ppt, that they could use to label and describe a castle or palace e.g. knights, ghosts, slides etc. The next slide contains the answers in English so they can write down whatever words they were unable to find. Activity is differentiated. Activity 2: Differentiated translation task using castle vocabulary they looked up and recorded. Key words provided as well as higher challenge. Next slide contains answers for peer / self assessment. Main activity 3 'apply' task: (differentiated) students design their own castle / palace in their books. Key words and higher challenges included. Pyramid review to finish.

By Miriam81

New Spanish GCSE speaking exam - support pack

New Spanish GCSE speaking exam - support pack

A set of resources to prepare students for the new GCSE speaking exam (AQA specification), including: - Three booklets with role plays (at both foundation and higher level) to prepare Theme 1 (Identity and culture), Theme 2 (Local, regional, international and global areas of interest) and Theme 3 (Current and future education and work). - Three booklets with Photo Cards, again on Higher and Foundation level and covering all three themes. - A General Conversation booklet, with a very extensive list of questions covering every aspect of the three themes.

By corcuera

Ésta es mi casa - las habitaciones  (This is my house - rooms)

Ésta es mi casa - las habitaciones (This is my house - rooms)

In this worksheet you will find vocabulary that will help you understand / describe the rooms / different floors in your house and the areas outside. There are 2 exercises (Spanish to English and English to Spanish) and all necessary vocabulary is provided. Suitable for all levels of ability. Answers provided.

By vettyjames

Y8 Operacion verano booklet

Y8 Operacion verano booklet

Hello all, This is a booklet created by me keeping all the necessary information for this topic inside. Operacion verano Y8 1+Vocabulary by units (what kind of house you prefer, what your holidays house has, what can you do there, directions, opinions) 2+ 5 Homework tasks 3+ Treasure chest Mr Garcia :)

By jogarcia3789