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Graphic Designer (BSc Hons) with PGCE in Education. Been teaching for 5 years. Been in education for 10.

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All resources designed by a fully qualified Graphic Designer (BScHons) with a PGCE in education.

I have combined material for 2 lessons on 2D shapes.
The first presentation talks about and identifies properties of 2D shapes including: edges (curved or straight), corners, symmetry, right angles and the key points of quadrilateral shapes. It is a visually stunning PowerPoint which helps to keep children engaged.

With this lesson I have included 2 worksheets. One for lower ability (LA) and one for higher ability (HA). Both worksheets ask children to gather data on the properties of 2D shapes.

The second PowerPoint looks at sorting 2D shapes into venn diagrams as well as a brief introduction on how to draw 2D shapes.

The worksheets included for this presentation are venn diagrams which need to be sorted. One for LA and one for HA.




3 years ago

A great quality time saver. Thanks you!


4 years ago

Great value for money! Almost 2 lessons in one (for the second presentation I think I will need a little more).

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