AQA Chemistry 9-1 - Revision Mats/Grids for Unit 1-3 Differentiated for Foundation Tier
These simple revision mats can be printed A3 with a single sheet forming a revision activity for an entire topic. The sheets are differentiated specifically for foundation tier students.

These 4 printable A3 mats cover quantitative unit 3

Mat 1
1) Elements compounds and mixtures
2) Atomic structure
3) Sub-atomic particles
4) Separating mixtures
5) Isotopes

Mat 2
1) Timeline of the discovery of the structure of the atom
2) Comparative sizes of atoms and nucleus

Mat 3
1) Groups in the periodic table
2) Periods in the periodic table
3) Properties of elements with the same number of outer electrons
4) Mendeleev's periodic table

Mat 4
1) Group 7
2) Group 0
3) Transition metals
4) Group 1

Mat 5
1) Finding metals and non-metals on the periodic table
2) Ionic, covalent and metallic bonding
3) Metallic bonding diagram

Mat 6
1) Ionic bonding dot and cross diagrams
2) Covalent dot and cross diagrams

Mat 7
1) Properties of covalent substances
2) Properties of ionic compounds

Mat 8
1) Properties of metals and ions
2) How substances conduct electricity
3) The particle model and states of matter

Mat 9
1) Diamond's properties and structure
2) Graphite's properties and structure

Mat 10
1) Fullerenes structure and properties
2) Graphene structure and properties

Mat 11
1) The law of conservation of mass
2) Understanding coefficients
3) Understanding subscripts

Mat 12
1) Calculations of relative formula mass
2) Calculations of mean, range and uncertainty
3) Changes in mass in reactions involving gases

Mat 13
1) Concentrations in grams/dm3

Should take a fair few lessons to work though and revise or can set as a homework sheet a week in the run up to exams.
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