Britain Health and the People AQA GCSE 9-1 Complete Bundle
  • This is the complete bundle in a series of lessons I have created for AQA GCSE 9-1 Britain: Health and the People, c.1000-present. I have taught this course for more than 20 years now and have decided to completely overhaul my lessons to bring them up to date with the latest teaching and learning ideas I have picked up and with a focus on the new 9-1 GCSE. Furthermore I have dispensed with learning objectives to focus on specific enquiry based questions which address skills required for the GCSE questions.

  • As well as focusing on GCSE exam practice questions, the lessons are all differentiated and are tailored to enable the students to achieve the highest grades. They are also fully resourced and contain easy to print worksheets.

  • The lessons will allow students to demonstrate (AO1) knowledge and understanding of the key features and characteristics of the periods studied from the impact of Hippocrates and Galen on medieval medicine to the new ideas of the Renaissance, the laissez-faire approach of preceding Governments through to modern day Government and the nanny state.

  • They will study (AO2) second-order concepts such as change and continuity in the development of ideas about disease as well as the causes and consequences of medical treatment throughout the ages

  • The analysis and evaluation of sources (AO3) are used in for example, surgery, Public Health and the introduction of the NHS whilst substantiated judgements are made (AO4) on the discovery and development of penicillin, the development of the welfare state and the influence of the seven factors in medicine.

  • The lessons are as follows:

  • L1 An introduction to the course

  • L2 Hippocrates and Galen

  • L3 The influence of the Christian Church

  • L4 Islamic Medicine (free resource)

  • L5 Doctors and surgeons in the Middle Ages

  • L6 Public Health in the Medieval towns

  • L7 The Black Death and the Plague

  • L8 Renaissance Medicine

  • L9 Medicine in the 17th and 18th Century (free resource)

  • L10 John Hunter

  • L11 Edward Jenner and smallpox

  • L12 Surgery in the 19th Century

  • L13 Florence Nightingale and hospitals

  • L14 Pasteur, Koch and Tyndall

  • L15 Public Health in the 19th Century

  • L16 Liberal Reforms

  • L17 Wars and Medicine (free resource)

  • L18 Magic Bullets and the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • L19 Penicillin

  • L20 The NHS

  • L21 How to answer the factor question

  • Please note that setting a full mock examination in class after completing each unit is strongly recommended (L1-7, L8-15 and L16-21). All the examination resources and markschemes are subject to copyright but can easily be found on the AQA website.

  • Unfortunately TES restrict bundles to 20 lessons and therefore please download Lesson 17 separately, which is a free resource.

  • Any reviews on this resource would be much appreciated. Please email me for a free copy of my AQA Health and the People revision summary guide worth £3.50 if you do. My email can be found in my TES shop:

  • If you like this set of resources, I have also created units of work for AQA Germany: Democracy and Dictatorship, Elizabethan England 1568-1603 and Conflict and Tension 1918-1939.


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Created: May 15, 2019

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

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