BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care Unit 11 Psychological Perspective A1 spec content resources

A 32 page Word document booklet you can alter and adapt to suit your own teaching style. There are spaces for students notes which accompany FOURTEEN interactive PowerPoints, some with embedded video’s to aid understanding and guidance for activities to apply theory to practice case studies. Every aspect of the BTEC Level 3 Unit 11 Psychological Perspective A1 spec content has been covered, in detail, so students will have a hard coy of organised notes to refer to when they type up their Assignment 1. This is resource package will seriously save you a lot of time!

Big Bang Theory - Training Penny - to emphasis operant conditioning

Resources cover A1. Principal psychological perspectives as applied to the understanding of development and behaviour

• Behaviourist: role of reinforcement, conditioning, e.g. Pavlov (PowerPoint) and/or Skinner (PowerPoint)

• Social learning: effects of other individuals, groups, culture and society on behaviour of individuals, self-fulfilling prophecy, (PowerPoint) role theory, e.g. Bandura. (PowerPoint)

• Psychodynamic: importance of the unconscious mind, importance of early experiences, e.g. Freud. (PowerPoint)

• Humanistic: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-actualisation, self-concept, self-esteem, e.g. Rogers. (2 X PowerPoints)

• Cognitive: information processing, e.g. Piaget (PowerPoint and youtube clips)
• Biological: maturational theory (PowerPoint), importance of genetic influences on behaviour (PowerPoint), influence of nervous and endocrine systems on behaviour (PowerPoint), e.g. Gesell.

• Theories of human development: nature versus nurture, continuity versus discontinuity, nomothetic versus idiographic. (PowerPoint)

A further booklet covering the rest of Learning Aim A; A2 and A3 also uploaded on TES

For more BTEC or CTEC Level 2 and 3 resources, follow me on TES to find them all in one place with a handy search facility to cut down on time.

Good luck with you’re teaching :-)

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